Dining Etiquette Guide

A fine restaurant that serves only the best food and uses the best utensils such as Yamazaki flatware requires a good dining etiquette guide as well.

What to Expect

When in classy restaurant, you will most likely encounter the following restaurant workers:

  • Maître D’ or the headwaiter – This person would be found standing at the entrance of the restaurant. He will guide you to your table and seat you. He is also the person to talk to if you have a particular request or require some kind of special service.
  • Sommelier or the Wine Steward – The list of wines would be presented by this person. Asking for suggestions from him is allowed in a dining etiquette guide.

dining etiquette guidelines

The Menu

A menu a la carte would most likely be presented to you. This type of menu means that each item is priced separately. The entrée usually includes a potatoes and rice portion. However, if you want vegetables, you will have to pay more. If the menu that is presented to you is referred to as prix fixe or table d’hote, it means that the prices are for the entrée. This would include the dinner and appetizer as well as dessert or salad.

The Order

In fine dining, you will observe that the order is not taken from men only. Each woman would be asked a separate order and each man, theirs. If it is a large party, each person would be asked for individual orders and will not follow the gender based system which is the default. A menu might be in foreign language if you are in a place like a French restaurant. In a dining etiquette guide, you are allowed to say that you require assistance. The headwaiter will explain each foreign phrase to you. Even for places where the menus are in English, you may need some interpretation for some specialties.

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Serving Yourself

Here are some things that you need to consider while having fine dining.

  • Sometimes, you will be served side dishes. It is proper to use a large spoon to transfer the sides to your plate.
  • You can also share some of your meal with your guests at the dinner. Do it with a serving spoon.
  • Similarly, two persons that each has different entrees must divide the portions before eating.
  • If you cannot finish your food and there is somebody at the table who wants to do it, the dining etiquette guide allows that person to be served with a serving utensil. However, only the untouched part of your plate must be served.

Fine dining can be stressful sometimes, especially if it is your first time. Follow this guide to make your experience flawless and relaxing.

Do It Yourself Silver Cleaning Tips

Your prized silver is something worth keeping maintained. Whether you are searching for silver cleaning tips for your array of displayed silverware or you actually use the utensils regularly, it is a smart idea to keep your silver clean.

Your silver starts to dull and tarnish because of oxidation. Simple air exposure can start to break down the silver finish. You will also note that silver cleaning tips often involve keeping the air to a low humidity in order to preserve your silver utensils longer.

cleaning silver using toothpaste

How To Maintain Your Silver

Since you want to get the most out of your utensil’s useful service life, take a look at some good common sense silver cleaning tips to help you along your way.

  • Toothpaste

For a small job and some slight buffing, you can use toothpaste. A small dab of toothpaste rubbed into the silverware isn’t so abrasive as to mar the surface and yet gives it a great rubbed cleaning.

  • Baking Soda Approach

If you are short on cash, this is a great budget-friendly cleaner. Some baking soda and water with a damp sponge is all you need. Use the sponge to dab on the baking soda and water mix onto your silverware and give it a firm but somewhat gentle rub down.

  • Washing

The bane of your silverware is acidic food. So, the more you use your silverware, even if it’s the high-quality Yamazaki flatware, the more likely it is to tarnish. In order to offset that you will want to wash food residue off of your silverware shortly after every use. This keeps the acid breakdown effect to a minimum and allows you to keep the silver shiny by way of warm sudsy water.

The main objectives to maintaining your silverware is simple cleaning after every use and cool, dry storage.

ultimate silver cleaning tips and guides

Popular Types Of Silver Utensils

Below are some of the popular makers of silver flatware.

  • Yamazaki flatware
  • Oneida
  • Unica
  • Farberware

You will find each of the companies above selling flatware in different sets. From formal dining sets to simple dessert or salad configurations, the same silver cleaning tips will apply to all of their collections. Regardless of the maker or collection set that you purchase, you will want to be cautious with placing silverware in dishwashers. Particularly if you have hollow handles on the silverware as they may come loose in the machines.

Features Of Silver Plated Flatware And Cleaning Tips

Silver plated flatware is a term that is used to describe cutlery and utensils that have been coated with a thin layer of silver metal. The silver coating is done through a process known as electro-plating. Most of the silver plated flatware is made of copper, brass and stainless steel. Some of the common silver plated items include forks, spoons, knives and serving plates for desserts and cakes. Silver plated flatware sets are readily available in the market and are affordable. They are very popular among home owners and people in the hospitality industry because these are the areas where they find daily use.

royal class silver plated flatware


Silver plated flatware has certain features that make them different from the other types of flatware. These features are:

  • They have a shiny luster, which makes them appealing and are easily maintained.
  • This flatware has unique designs and patterns.
  • They are durable and strong thus can be passed from generation to generation.

A unique factor about Silver plated flatware is their numerous and unique designs and patterns. Whenever you come across this flatware, the designs are the most appealing and attractive. These silver plated flatware patterns have been there since the start of silver plating and they include:

  • Frosted
  • Satin
  • Coronation
  • Celtic braid
  • Torun
  • Zena
  • Kelly Gold

authentic silver plated flatware set

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Silver plated flatware even though is durable, it is known to tarnish and corrode thus care should be taken. Cleaning and maintaining these items is not easy. Below are tips on how to clean silver plated flatware.

  • Before cleaning any silver plated ware, ensure to read the instructions from the manufacturer. There is flatware that can be washed with a dishwasher whereas others should be hand washed.
  • It is advisable to clean the flatware immediately after use. This is important because some foods contain acids that can react with the silver tarnishing it.
  • On a regular basis, clean the silver plated object using a brush with soft bristles or using a soft cloth.
  • In order to maintain the shiny luster of the flatware and ensure it is clean, polish the flatware once in a while. Ensure the polish is meant for silver items.
  • Clean your silver flatware using detergent that is phosphate free and dry immediately with a soft cloth.

When purchasing sliver plated cutlery and utensils, it is advisable to shop for them online as you are sure to get them at discounted and cheap prices. For the best brand of silver plated flatware, choose the Yamazaki flatware, which are known for quality, unique designs and affordable prices. Keep this classy and highly elegant flatware in your inventory or set them in your table to add glamour in your dining room.

Essentials Of Stainless Steel Flatware

Stainless steel flatware is an essential part of a dining set. You can buy stainless steel flatware sets for your dining table instead of purchasing different types of flatware separately. This set is for uniformity at the table and to synchronize the aging of a stainless flatware.

ginkgo charlie stainless steel flatware set

A Comparison

 Stainless steel flatware differs from other types of flatware in several ways.

  • Stainless steel flatware is more durable than ceramic flatware since they are not fragile.
  • They are easy to clean as compared to plastic flatware.
  • This flatware is suitable for serving hot dishes since they are not easily deformed by heat like plastic flatware.
  • They are shiny and beautiful unlike other flatware such as melamine and plastic, which are not attractive.

There are benefits associated with using stainless steel flatware such as:

  • Durability due to the hard material used
  •  Beauty since it is shinny and reflects light
  • Strong since they do not easily loose shape or break

Determining Purity

Most stainless steel flatware, like the Yamazaki flatware, is made of pure stainless steel. However, how do you determine whether the steel used is of pure stainless steel?

  • Steel is heavy in terms of weight; hence, pure steel flatware will weigh more than other types of metallic flatware.
  • Pure steel will be strongly attracted to a magnet; hence, you can carry a magnet with you to try and determine whether the steel ware is made from pure steel.
  • Steel will shine brightly when polished with a soft cloth, unlike other types of flatware such as silver.

contemporary stainless steel flatware

Cleaning and Maintenance

The best stainless steel flatware is easy to maintain and cleaning stainless steel flatware is easy too. All you need to do are:

  • After use, wash and rinse the flatware with warm soap and water to remove the oily food traces on them.
  • Use a soft cloth when cleaning them.
  • Leave them on a dish dryer and let them dry off.
  • After they are dried, take them one piece at a time and wipe them thoroughly with a clean dish cloth
  • Store your stainless steel flatware in a suitable place away from moisture and heat.

Stainless steel flatware is definitely a beautiful piece of cutlery to own. If you want to have the most durable and most beautiful flatware, then get yourself high quality stainless steel flatware.

Maintenance Tips For Yamazaki Flatware

Yamazaki flatware is just the kind that you would prefer to have in your home. The quality is just great and yet they are available in discounted prices. If you are not familiar with the term, flatware is composed of table utensils that are used for eating and serving food. These include spoons, forks, plates and butter knives, which are all rather flat in design. Flatware is in contrast with hollow ware, which is used to refer to items that are shaped like hollow vessels. These include teapots, sugar pots, cream pitchers, sugar bowls, and shakers for salt and pepper and cream bowls.

stainless yamazaki bolo flatware

Yamazaki flatware patterns are so varied it is hard not to find something that is appropriate for your own dining table. In shopping for Yamazaki flatware, there are generally two methods that you can use. You may shop by pattern to find standard designs such as the Yamazaki bolo flatware and the Yamazaki gone fishin flatware. Alternatively, you may also shop by collection.

premium yamazaki flatware sets

Yamazaki Collections

The Yamazaki collections include the following:

  • Yamazaki Stainless Collection – this collection is composed of more than 30 patterns that are all done in beautiful stainless steel. The patterns are also available in different finishes.
  • Yamazaki Gold Accent Collection – composed of nine patterns, this collection is done in 18/8 stainless steel that is accented in rich gold.
  • Yamazaki Ice Collection – this collection is also made with 18/8 stainless steel but incorporated with frosted handles. You can find 5 patterns in this collection.

cache gold accent 5-piece yamazaki flatware

  • To keep your flatware looking brand new, you should realize the fact that stainless means it stains less compared to ordinary steel. Although the material is very durable and tough, it is not immune to stains. Thus, the best method of maintaining the brand new appearance of stainless steel is to wash it right after use. Rinsing your Yamazaki flatware before you put it inside a dishwasher is also a great help since it removes food particles that can result to spotting. There are types of food that are high in sulfur such as eggs and mayonnaise and they can tarnish the steel. If you just used your flatware for such food then, wash the utensils immediately to prevent any discoloration. There are stainless steel polishes and cleaners that are available in supermarket and stores. You can get one to remove most discolorations easily. After several months or years of continued use, all flatware will have tiny scratches on their surfaces that are called patina. However, these are considered as enhancements, not faults, and they add a personal touch to your Yamazaki flatware.
  • Yamazaki flatware is dishwasher safe and they have been designed for a lifetime of service. However, it is recommended that you rinse your utensils before putting them in dishwashers and to use dishwashing detergent that is not lemon based. There are lemon based products that can stain the material. It is also suggested that you prevent knife blades from hitting the handles of your utensils.

5-piece yamazaki gone fishin flatware

Using And Caring For Your Yamazaki Flatware Properly

By abiding with these tips, you’ll be assured that your Yamazaki flatware collection will last a very long time.

Frugal Travel Meals

Wherever your next vacation will take you, chances are you’re wondering how to cut expenses. Planning frugal travel meals can be one of your biggest cost cutters. Don’t forget that cuisine and dining is a big part of travel, though. Luckily, “frugal” doesn’t have to mean ordering from the fast food menu or only noshing on protein bars for the entire trip. There are plenty of delicious, inexpensive, and even healthy dining choices, whether you’re traveling with kids or preparing meals for one.

Load Up On Breakfast

Make your biggest meal one of your most frugal travel meals. This usually means breakfast, since you can order a huge breakfast for less than you’d spend on a big lunch or dinner. If you’re staying in a hotel, motel or hostel, ask the desk clerk if they offer a complimentary breakfast.

favorite meals for one

If you eat enough for breakfast, you may be able to make it all the way to dinner with just a quick snack for lunch. This not only saves you money on one meal, but also cuts out the need to buy a second meal.

Plan A Budget And A Splurge

If you order inexpensive meals for most of your trip, you should be able to afford one splurge of a meal. Order a slice of pizza from a street vendor in Italy for a few nights in a row and treat yourself to a big, fancy dinner at the end of the week. One of the easiest ways to purchase frugal travel meals is to buy local. Bananas in Central America are less expensive than other fruits. If you’re in Paris, order a croissant and coffee for breakfast instead of bacon, eggs and home fries. Local cuisine will be less expensive than what you’re used to because it’s readily available. Plus, you’ll learn a lot about a different culture just by eating the way they do.

best Frugal travel meals

Dine Out Like A Local

If you opt to eat at neighborhood restaurants instead of busy tourist stops, you’ll be surprised how big your frugal travel meals will be. You can spend less and get more just by eating at local restaurants, pubs and cafes. Tourist destinations are often overpriced and the food won’t be as carefully prepared or tasty as at a local restaurant. Ask locals for suggestions or ask the hotel clerk where they like to eat.

Home Cooked Meals

The most frugal travel meals are the ones you cook yourself. Even one home cooked meal every day will save you tons of money. Most hotels have a small refrigerator and microwave in every room. Think of “home cooked” as simply not coming from a restaurant. If you’re roaming around a city like San Francisco or New York, duck into a grocery store and buy some deli meat, a roll, a small bag of pretzels and a can of soda. Heat up a couple of store-bought burritos for dinner for an easy $2 meal.