A fine restaurant that serves only the best food and uses the best utensils such as Yamazaki flatware requires a good dining etiquette guide as well.

What to Expect

When in classy restaurant, you will most likely encounter the following restaurant workers:

  • Maître D’ or the headwaiter – This person would be found standing at the entrance of the restaurant. He will guide you to your table and seat you. He is also the person to talk to if you have a particular request or require some kind of special service.
  • Sommelier or the Wine Steward – The list of wines would be presented by this person. Asking for suggestions from him is allowed in a dining etiquette guide.

dining etiquette guidelines

The Menu

A menu a la carte would most likely be presented to you. This type of menu means that each item is priced separately. The entrée usually includes a potatoes and rice portion. However, if you want vegetables, you will have to pay more. If the menu that is presented to you is referred to as prix fixe or table d’hote, it means that the prices are for the entrée. This would include the dinner and appetizer as well as dessert or salad.

The Order

In fine dining, you will observe that the order is not taken from men only. Each woman would be asked a separate order and each man, theirs. If it is a large party, each person would be asked for individual orders and will not follow the gender based system which is the default. A menu might be in foreign language if you are in a place like a French restaurant. In a dining etiquette guide, you are allowed to say that you require assistance. The headwaiter will explain each foreign phrase to you. Even for places where the menus are in English, you may need some interpretation for some specialties.

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Serving Yourself

Here are some things that you need to consider while having fine dining.

  • Sometimes, you will be served side dishes. It is proper to use a large spoon to transfer the sides to your plate.
  • You can also share some of your meal with your guests at the dinner. Do it with a serving spoon.
  • Similarly, two persons that each has different entrees must divide the portions before eating.
  • If you cannot finish your food and there is somebody at the table who wants to do it, the dining etiquette guide allows that person to be served with a serving utensil. However, only the untouched part of your plate must be served.

Fine dining can be stressful sometimes, especially if it is your first time. Follow this guide to make your experience flawless and relaxing.