Shirts may look similar to each other but there are actually different types of shirts you can buy. You will find a hoard of styles and designs when you check the market or online stores. You can pick based on the purpose, the occasions or simply based on your personality and style. You can even pick based on your mood. You don’t always need to select based on the latest trends. First off, clothing should be comfortable, and then fashion can come later. If you only stick to the style factor and neglect the right fit, you won’t be comfortable with your attire or pull off the look that you want to achieve.

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Different Types Of Shirts

  • Dress Shirt

The dress shirt has a button down collar and usually comes with long sleeves. These are shirts that are often worn as office attires. They are very comfortable, sleek and leave a lot of room for creativity. The fact that they are very lightweight adds to their comfort level. You can wear a dress shirt with suit or a sports jacket. A necktie will complete your look. You can have the shirt tailored so that it fits your body shape properly.

  • Polo Shirt

Also known as the golf shirt, this shirt is short sleeved and is very comfortable. Among the different types of shirts, this is preferred by a lot of people because it is comfy and inexpensive. It is usually worn during summer because it is very casual and trendy. They come in a number of colors and patterns. Lacoste, Ralph Lauren and Anvil shirts are popular brands in the market you can check out.

  • Sports Shirt

Sports shirt is versatile wear. You can either wear short sleeves or long sleeves. It is generally loose in comparison to a dress shirt. It is best teamed with jeans and gives a semi-formal or a sporty look depending upon the style of the shirt. These high performance shirts may also be worn under suits.

  • Tuxedo Shirt

This shirt is often worn with a tuxedo and a staple during special occasions. It is not a regular shirt and is not very popular either. Many people reserve it for use only during weddings and other formal occasions. A tuxedo shirt has buttons and long sleeves. It has pleating in the front and white is the staple color. The shirt is collared and is usually closed using a bowtie.

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Having different types of shirts in your wardrobe can help you pick the best one for a specific occasion. Sports shirts are great for athletes while a dress shirt is best for corporate people. Having the option to pick which appropriate shirt to wear can help you be comfortable while doing your everyday activities.