The wonders involved in sailing boat would amaze everyone who has interest in travelling over the water. Come high tide or low tide, the desire to know the science that envelopes this vessel would increase over time. Boats have always been there as a medium of transportation even way back during the ancient times. Sailing boat is a type of boat that usually moves by the use of the sails. It has varied sizes, make and purpose of use.

Types Of Sailing Boats Depending On Their Hulls

Different sailing boats are made available to suit different personality types and wants. One type is determined by the hull configuration. Under this type are the following subtypes:

  • Mono Hulls

Mono hulls which are primarily known as the traditional boats are slower compared to the rest however, they are more stable in severe water. This kind of sailing boat depends much on the displacement. This refers to the amount of water that is moved due to the weight of the boat. With mono hulls, once filled with water, the likelihood that it will sink is great.

  • Muti Hulls

Muti hulls have multiple hulls making it more stable compared to the mono hulls. Their structure carries integrity promoting unwavering strength because even if the boat is filled with water, it will remain afloat and will not sink.

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Various Types Of Sailing Boat Based On Design

  • Sloop

With the traditional sloop the main attraction of this type is the presence of a mainsail and headsail. It relies on the blow of the wind and this feature is its distinction. 

  • Cutter

The cutter is just like the sloop where it also has a mainsail. The difference is the presence of 2 headsails which makes this type more versatile than the other.

  • Dinghy

Another variety is known as the dinghy. This is often used as a means of relaxation and most of the time, would interests those who wanted to have open sailing boats.

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The materials used on the sailing boat contribute a lot to the longevity of the service that it can offer to its owner. The lower part of the boat should receive much attention and care since this is often the part that is mostly in contact with water. The use of boat bottom paint would make sure that the bottom part of the boat is not directly exposed to the wear and tear that most boat normally experiences. The boat bottom paint has several kinds depending as to how the owner intends to spend most of his time.