A Hello Kitty necklace whether genuine or fancy is one of the alternative collections or gifts other than the usual stuffed toys, bags, mugs, and others items. Unlike toys, these necklaces can be worn regularly or serve as accents or accessories that would look nice in any getup. For those who love Hello Kitty, you can simply buy a necklace from several online and local souvenir shops, or if you would like to make that necklace special and unique, you can design and create your own.

Beautiful Hello Kitty Necklace

The Birth Of Hello Kitty

Other than Garfield, Hello Kitty is one of the most famous cats in the world. The cartoon character is a product of the Japanese company Sanrio released in 1974. It was designed or created by Yuko Shimizu. Before the character was transformed into Hello Kitty necklace, dolls, and bags, it was originally intended as a mere cartoon print of the Sanrio’s coin purse product. Two years after its release, the popularity of the character has spread not only in the U.S. but the rest of the world as well. Hello Kitty sustained constant marketing boom and popularity from several toy , clothing and necessity items to comics, television, print ads, and the internet. The popularity of the character is closely linked with its country of origin, Japan. Hence, Hello Kitty is considered as an important part of Japanese popular culture.

Hello Kitty Necklace Designs

There are thousands if not millions of renditions, interpretations, or portrayal of this famous cartoon character as they are used and displayed in one item or another. When it comes to the necklaces, there are also hundreds of styles and designs to choose from. The following are considered the most popular and widely sold types.

·        The Hello Kitty Diamond Necklace

Fabulous hello kitty diamond necklace

Though the character is cute and fun, the diamond Hello Kitty necklace is a serious stuff for serious collectors or Hello Kitty lovers. It’s a precious jewelry after all. This type of necklace is usually adorned with diamond stones set on silver or white gold Hello Kitty plate or setting. The lace is usually a chain type commonly crafted from silver, gold, or white gold.

·        Hello Kitty Pendants

The pendant is probably the most popular Hello Kitty necklace being sold and used. These pendants have colorful metal pieces in the form of Hello Kitty and usually are adorned with colorful gems or plates ranging from pink, white, blue, and red. There are pendants that are made from authentic stones or minerals while a lot are also crafted from synthetic diamond, gemstones, and silver.

·        Hello Kitty Bow Necklace

Cute and Trendy hello kitty bow necklace

 Hello Kitty can easily be recognized by its mere bow, thus, the popular bow colored in pink or red are added as the central pieces of bow necklaces or pendants.

·        Ceramic Or Beaded Hello Kitty Necklace

The cheapest and widely available type of necklace will be those that contain colorful ceramic or beads printed with the face of Hello Kitty. They are the most colorful types and the easiest to make or customize. These types can be readily bought and used or perhaps, a skillful hand and imaginative mind can create.

Shopping and Wearing Tips

There is not much of a concern when it comes to shopping and wearing Hello Kitty accessories and necklaces except the following:

Glamorous diamond hello kitty necklace

  • Although they can be used by all ages, there is a Hello Kitty necklace suitable for a child, a teen, and for an adult. For example, you wouldn’t want to entrust an expensive diamond or gold necklace to a 10-year old girl.
  • Ensure that there are no necklace features that are hard or may put you or your children at risk like sharp or pointed edges, unstable or detachable stones or parts, etc.
  • Avoid buying necklaces which may irritate the neck or the skin.
  • And the cheaper and colorful types are more ideal for children.