A heated blanket or better known as a heated electric throw is a special type of blanket that uses electricity to generate heat to keep you warm. A heated throw would make a perfect gift to a person. Heated throw blanket delivers soothing relief and comfort which promotes relaxation. Another type of heated blanket is the battery operated heated blanket which uses battery power to generate heat. This is convenient especially where there is no electricity or there is a power outage in your area.

Get Acquianted with a Battery Operated Heated Blanket

Advantages of a heated blanket

  • They are cost-efficient. They cost more than the regular blanket but if you take into consideration the concentrated heat that it produces as compared to switching on the heater then you’re better off with this.
  • Portability. You can take the heated blanket anywhere. This is especially useful when camping in the woods. A battery operated heated blanket will be extremely useful there.
  • This blanket is so stylish. Apart from its normal use of delivering warmth, this blanket can also be used to decorate your house. This is because they are stylish and have been well designed with cute colors and patterns that will stand out.

Highly Beneficial Heated Throw Blanket

Popular Brands of Heated Blankets

There are several brands of heated blankets that can give you the above mentioned functions and a lot more. There are several features that differentiate one from the other. Here are some examples:

Efficient Sunbeam Microplush Heated Blanket

  • Forty Winks Rest is purely made of polyester and has 3 settings which also feature an automatic heating logic that lasts for 3 hours. This makes it one of the most equipped heated blankets.
  • Sunbeam Microplush heated blankets are economical and features dual control. This allows different warmth settings on the two sides of the bed. Some models even have auto-off feature that can be adjusted to 2, 6 or 10 hours.
  • SoftHeat Low Voltage Electric Blanket has a safety feature that the chance of getting an electric shock is improbable. The blankets are also machine-washable and machine-dryable.
  • Biddeford Heated Electric Blanket features a rotary dial controller allowing it to be connected to an appliance timer. This feature allows the blanket to be automatically turned on at a specified time.

Friendly Heated Throw

In choosing a heated blanket, consider not only the price nor the brand; make sure to inspect the quality, durability and the comfort of the blanket as well. It is also important to know how to properly maintain your heated blanket. Reading the manufacturer’s instruction information will go a long way.