Around the world, in many families dogs are considered not less than a family member. Like human beings, pet dogs also get clothed. When we think of designer dog collars, we generally think of celebrities’ dogs, but nowadays some companies are making best types of collars for certain kinds of dogs.

Along with all the different styles and colors of dog collars, opting one for your pet may be overwhelming. In order to limit your choices, consider a few points before you start shopping.

Factors to Consider in Choosing Dog Collars

Choosing Dog Collars

  • First, consider what kind of pet dog do you have? Certain kinds of collars look good on certain breeds, so be sure you’re matching your pet dog with the right appearance, just as you choose clothes and accessories for yourself.
  • Next, choose what kind of material or element you want the collar to be. Generally collars will be made of leather or nylon.

There are the best type of collars for certain kinds of dogs to opt that depends on the dog’s disposition and size. For many dogs a leather dog collar or a traditional dog collar is good.

Popular Types of Dog Collars

1) Traditional Dog Collars

  • Traditional collars of dogs are available with variety of colors, styles and widths.
  • Collars must ride high on a dog’s neck. It shouldn’t be loose so that it slides down on the dog’s shoulder.
  • Dog collars should be fitted with sufficient space for two fingers.
  • You are advised to use a measure tape to measure your dog’s neck and then add 2 or 3 inches while purchasing.

2) Dog Harnesses

  • Harnesses are placed around the shoulders and neck area of your dog.
  • This is suitable for the dogs that have breathing problems or diseases of the throat.
  • Harnesses reduce irritation and relieve the pressure.

3) Halter-type Dog Collars

  • This type of collar creates the best control over your dog.
  • It gives control on your dog’s head.
  • There are many brands available in this type of dog collar and it looks likes horse’s halter with a band going around the neck and back of the head.

4) Pronged Collars

  • These collars are also known as pinch collars
  • They are characterized by the presence of prongs that are blunt, which protrude inward from the links.
  • It is designed for only the most obstinate dogs.
  • They are used as temporary training tools to change the behavior of dogs that do not respond to any other collar.

5) Chain-slip dog Collars

  • It acts as one of the types for retraining tools in result-oriented training techniques.
  • This is also called as check chain or choke collar.

6) Spiked dog collars

Gray Spiked Dog Collars

  • These are used for the training purposes and are also known as prong collars.
  • It is suitable for powerful and large breeds of dogs.
  • Spiked collars pinch the neck of the dog with a choke sensation.
  • Trainer puts tension on the collar and it becomes smaller.
  • There are some other accessories like bead, stones and pictures that add to the beauty of spiked dog collars.