Panties are a type of under garment worn by women and children around the crotch area. They are worn for the purpose of decency especially when worn with skirts or dresses. Other reasons for wearing panties are to protect against diseases and infection and protect the genitals from friction with tough fabrics or sensitive skin. The most typical type of panty is made from cotton. There are different types of cotton panties based on the amount of coverage, width of the sides, and the height which they are worn.

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Types Of Cotton Panties

  • Control Panties (also called control briefs)

These are specially designed to offer support while at the same time provide a slimmer appearance. It is normally combined with a stretch material like spandex and it may at times reach above the waist.

  • Hipsters

Cotton hipster panties are very similar to briefs but worn lower down the thighs and the waist band reaching the hips.

  • Bikinis

Cotton bikini panties reach the hip level like the hipsters, but the fabric on the sides disappears and the waist is made of just a string like material. The rear side of the bikini is more revealing not like the briefs. Bikinis are the most worn panties among women.

  • Tangas

These are type of cotton panties that give full coverage on the rear. However, the waist band is designed with narrow width at the sides.

  • Thongs

These ones have a reduced waist band similar to the tangas, but the coverage at the back is not full. The part that covers the crotch extends to the back and a small piece of fabric fits between the butts and becomes wider towards the top.

  • G-String

This is a type of thong but has no rear coverage. The small piece of fabric at the back extends to the waist band exposing most of the butt.

Panties are made of different fabrics such as satin, mesh, nylon, rawhide, lace, leather, lycra, latex, PVC, silk, polyester and cotton. Cotton panties are known to have more health benefits compared to other fabrics.

First and foremost, it helps to reduce possibility of odor and discharge that may occur. Cotton panties keep the groin dry from excess moisture and allow it to breath. Vaginal itching and yeast infection are very common conditions women face that can be prevented by wearing cotton panties.

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Organic cotton panties are a type of panties made from organic cotton, which is environmentally friendly. The dyes are eco friendly and are machine washable. Sheer panties are made of thin transparent material that looks like lace. The inspiration behind the design is to reduce the bulk of fabric used in making panties.