Selecting different kinds of socks can always be interesting yet a work always left on the list. There are a number of socks that you can choose from and your choice depends upon the occasions and season you are planning to wear socks on.

ski and snowboard bamboo socks

Various Kinds of Socks

  • Ski and Snowboard Socks: Ski and snowboard socks are designed in a manner that their length is greater than the normal socks. These socks’ length could almost reach your knees. These socks basically wane away the moisture and humidity to avoid getting them wet in snow and are made of synthetic material.
  • No Show Socks: No show socks are the socks, which can be worn in summer time and are a real help for foot wear like pumps and Cinderella style shoes. These socks are worn just until the toes and balls of the soles. These socks are great when wearing formal shoes, as it does not show as the name implies.
  • Woolen Socks: Then there are the woolen socks, which surely are a product of winter season. These are usually in demand in colder regions. These socks are obviously made of wool for high resistant to cold temperatures. They have a length till your shin and the socks are very warm, thick and comfortable.
  • Casual Socks: Other kinds of socks include the standard casual socks. These are designed for any season, and for regular use. They have varying lengths and have various materials, but the most popular ones are cotton and synthetic material. These pairs of socks are also available in various designs and colors. These socks are worn usually with sneakers or a pair of rubber shoes.
  • Towel Socks: One of the unique kinds of socks is the towel socks. These socks are made especially to suck the moisture and are even known in some areas as carpet shoes because of their style and comfort level. They are good for the casual use in winter seasons because of the material these socks are made of.
  • Work Socks: Work socks include the famous stockings. These socks are worn under the dress pants or when wearing formal skirts.  These are comfortable and designed that you can wear them all day long. These pair of socks offers extra comfort level and also comes in various designs.

mens ultimate work sock

Now that you have ample idea about the kinds of socks available in the market, choose the ones that you prefer most.