If you are looking for a good and high quality paint marker, then there all kinds of paint pen that you can choose from on the market that are suited to a whole variety of requirements depending on what you need them for. There are all sorts of paint pen that you can use for such activities as paper and card craft and decorating porcelain, ceramics, and wood. You can also get different kinds of paint pen for painting on walls, plastic and furniture that will help you to attain the best coloring, line grip and the effect that you need when drawing on that particular medium.

different kinds of paint pen

Types of Paint Pen

  • Acrylic Paint Pens

  • Oil Paint Pens

  • Craft Pens

  • Solid Paint Pens

Paint pens are extremely versatile marker pens because the paint that is applied grips to the surface unlike water based pens that will disappear on certain surfaces like glass, or stone. Depending on what you need them for, there are different kinds of paint pen to suit your requirements so that you do not have to use only one type of marker.

Features of Paint Pens

  • They come in different colors and sizes depending on use in shading, decorating, calligraphy or even painting.

best paint pen

  • The different sizes of tips will vary from fine point tips for more precise work, to medium-sized, to thicker-tipped pens that can be used to color larger areas where you may need more surface coloring. The size of the tip will matter significantly depending on the size of the task you have to do, and it is important to consider whether the particular tip you are looking for will achieve the vision you have in mind.

  • You can find colors in paint pens such as basic primary colors, opaque colorings, metallic colors and a whole host of other types of colorings to suit your requirements. In fact there are very few colors you will not find to match what you are looking for.

  • There are also heavy duty and industrial paint markers that are used to write on tools, used coloring on code wires and many more types of industrial aspects. You can also buy good paint markers that can be used to finish bathrooms and kitchens.

You can purchase all kinds of paint pen from such outlets as Michaels, Jo-Ann’s, and AC Moore. However, you will find a variety of choices online at places such as eBay and many other online stores that specialize in all kinds of paint pen.