If you want a floor cushion that is slip free and long-lasting, rubber matting is the best choice for you. This rubber flooring can provide you with a lot of advantages that you can enjoy. This will not only make your home a fun place, this can also make your home a safer place to live.

This is a floor protection that allows you to move freely. Rubber mats are made from soft synthetic rubber that can increase the grip between the shoes and other objects that gets in contact with the mat.  This flooring is also durable and elastic. It can withstand stress and won’t deform so easily.

extremely tough outdoor rubber matting

What are the popular uses of rubber matting?

  1. Adds friction to slippery places. The most popular characteristic of a rubber mat is its capability to add friction on the floor. That is why it is best for floors that are known to be slippery like outdoor steps, bathtub and ramp. Rubber matting is also common in industrial buildings, horse stables and warehouses.
  2. Added protection against floor impact. Rubber matting does not only protect the floor but you as well. The mat can add cushion on the floor. That is why this is ideal as athletic floor. Rubber mats can absorb shock, sound and weight well. As this is elastic, it can handle such stress without any permanent or apparent deformation. That is why you can often find rubber matting in places like gymnasium where activities like jumping, floor exercises or even wrestling occur.
  3. Feet cushion. Rubber matting is used as well in commercial kitchens or places where food preparation is often done. This will not only keep the floor from being slippery, the mat will also provide a softer floor to somehow ease the pressure on the feet from standing for long hours. This will lessen kitchen workers’ fatigue. Aside from reducing the stress on the feet, the mat is a material that can withstand heat or frost. This is why rubber matting is used for commercial kitchens or places near stoves or freezers.
  4. The reason why rubber matting is so popular because it is easy to clean. You can just shake the dirt off it or use the hose to clean it with water. This is why rubber matting is ideal flooring for car ports or garage.

What are the types of rubber matting available in the market today?

  • Outdoor rubber matting – these are designed specifically for outdoor use. This is ideal for your patio, deck or door entrance. Outdoor rubber matting can be made from recycled rubber like those from tires. These are made more durable to absorb outdoor traffic.
  • Playground rubber matting – these are the rubber matting used for children’s playground. These rubber mats should be approved by IPEMA as playground rubber matting that can cushion kids from fall. These mats are colorful, smooth and can stimulate learning.
  • Athletic rubber matting – these are rubber matting designed for athletic activities. Popular athletic rubber floorings are the MMA mats and the yoga mats. These flooring are designed to absorb shock from wrestling or martial arts maneuvers that results to floor impact. There are more specific rubber matting designs for athletic mats such as training mats that are often very flat roll up mats that prevent tripping over loosed interlocking rubber mat tiles.  There are also boxing mats with shoe resistant surface texture.
  • Rubber matting for horse stalls – these can provide floors and walls protection in the stable area. The mats are also thick so it can withstand the weight of the animals. Using rubber matting for horse stalls make the stall cleaner and easier to sanitize.

popular and most recommended athletic rubber matting

Where can you get rubber matting?

Rubber matting is not too hard to find. Like most everything else these days, you can simply Google them and about a thousand online shops around the world has what you exactly need. Or you can simply run to your nearest mall, go to the sporting goods or home improvement section and you’ll surely find one.