There are different eye problems which range from severe to mild conditions and symptoms. You could develop problems such as dry eyes, puffy eyes, bloodshot eyes and eye discharge; all will affect your vision. As a result, you should get medical care immediately after you develop an eye problem because you have to protect this important organ.

To get the best treatment, you should consult an optometrist or an ophthalmologist. These specialists can deal with any problem of the eye, unlike an optician. They can diagnose, perform tests, treat, as well as give prescription for medicines, contact lenses and glasses.

different bloodshot eye problems

Common Eye Problems and Conditions

The following will highlight some of the common eye problems and possible treatments such as astigmatism contacts.

1. Red or Bloodshot Eyes: This is one of the most common eye conditions and it will develop if the blood vessels become irritated when dilated and enlarged. On the other hand, red eyes could also occur because of a serious underlying problem like Acute Glaucoma, Blepharitis, Corneal Ulcers or Conjunctivitis.

Triggers: injury, illness, infection, fatigue or allergies

2. Eye Pain: If you are feeling eye pain, this is a serious problem which could cause a stabbing, aching, throbbing or burning feeling. You can be affected by two types of eye pain: orbital or ocular pain.

  • Ocular pain: This will develop in the eye’s outer structure. It can be triggered by chemical burns, conjunctivitis, blepharitis, styes, and corneal ulcers or abrasions.
  • Orbital pain: This is an actual eye disease and will feel like there is a dull ache in or behind your eyes. Diseases like Glaucoma, Trauma, Migraines, Iritis and Optic Neuritis can trigger this pain.

3. Watery Eyes: You might believe this or not, but this is the main contributor for dry eyes problem.

Triggers: allergies, blocked tear ducts, aging, environmental irritants, conjunctivitis and blepharitis.

4.  Eye discharge: It is easy to know when you have eye discharge because a sticky yellowish matter will come from your eyes. This is not really a serious problem, but when the discharge is continuous, it is best to get medical treatment. 

astigmatism contacts lenses

5. Astigmatism: This is also called blurred vision and it will develop if you have an irregular-shaped cornea. When you have this condition, the light rays entering your eyes will not focus right on the retina and this will create a blurred image. The most common treatment for this condition is Astigmatism contacts. You can wear contact lenses to correct this condition, especially if you are not keen on wearing eyeglasses.

In conclusion, you should know that if you have vision changes like eye spots, blurriness, halos, floaters or blindness, then this is an indication that you have a serious problem. Diseases like Glaucoma, Presbyopia, Floaters and Cataracts are all serious conditions that will cause vision changes. Some other likely causes can be medications, fatigue and too much sunlight.