Having a beach shade is important when you are planning for a beach outing. The beach is the best place to relax and unwind. Sitting under the sun, facing the ocean, breathing fresh air and enjoying the clean water are just some things you can do at the beach. But too much sun can be harmful for your skin as well as your health. For this reason, a beach shade is a must when going to the beach.

blue and white striped byron beach shade

Popular Types Of Beach Shades

Beach shade protects you from the heat of the sun. It provides a relaxing area to just sit around and enjoy the view. There are different types of beach shades that you can choose from. Each of these types will perfectly match the need of each member of your family.

  • Baby Beach Tent
    If you are planning to bring babies and infants at the beach, be sure to have a baby beach tent. Baby’s skin is more delicate than adults. They can easily be burnt when exposed in sunlight for more than 15 minutes. With these baby beach tents, you can protect the baby from sun burns and other skin irritations. It is very portable and light-weight making it the best choice for travelling.
  • Beach Sun Shade
    If you are planning to go to the beach with your friends and other family members, you can share a beach sun shade. It provides shade as well as a place for storage where your things will not be soaked with the water. This beach sun shade comes in different sizes. Some can accommodate only two persons while others can accommodate more. It also comes in different styles and designs that will perfectly match your personality.
  • Beach Shade Canopy
    Another type of beach shade is a beach shade canopy. Unlike the baby beach tent and the beach sun shade, beach shade canopy uses poles to be installed. Each beach shade canopy has its instruction guide on how to assembly it. You may have to ask assistance from one of your friends to assemble it faster. But once it is assembled, it can provide higher shade and can accommodate more people. Most beach shade canopies do not have side covers while some have a screen cover that can be placed when needed. Same as other beach shade, a beach shade canopy is also light-weight and portable.
  • Pop Up Beach Shade
    Lastly, a pop up beach shade can also be used when going to the beach. Unlike the other beach shade, it is already assembled. All you have to do is unfold the pop up beach shade and you now have the protection you needed. It comes in different sizes, from single to family size. You will not worry about what poles to connect. Everything is already connected for you. This can be opened in seconds and your whole family can have more time enjoying the beach.

perfect simple beach shade for hot summer

These are the different beach shades available in the market. When purchasing one, keep in mind of its purpose and think you need a bigger one for your family or a single one for you. You can also have all these beach shades and use them in different occasions. With a beach shade, you will never worry about sun burn and other skin infections. You and your family will be protected from the heat of the sun. At most of all, with beach shade, you will have the most memorable and fun time at the beach.