Diamond watches are not just mere pieces of jewelry that are wrapped around the wrists. They speak of both class and elegance. Since they are made of one of the most exceptional and rarest piece of hard mineral, they can pass the test of time longer than any kind of watch. Depending on the clarity of the diamond used, they also hold the highest quality.

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Why are diamond watches unique?

It has been said time and again that “diamonds are forever“. If this is the case, then diamond watches are for a whole lifetime. Here are the reasons why they are long lasting and unique.

  • They don’t just serve as a simple timepiece so anyone can check on the time. They are the perfect statement of value, sentiment and style.
  • They are not just made out of stainless steels. They are crafted with one of the world’s finest mineral, diamond.
  • And since diamond watches can be pricey compared to other watches, only a few of the general population can own them.
  • They have never gone out of style even with the passage of time.

It has been mentioned that diamond watches can last forever. If so, then there are existing watches today that have been made many, many years back. These are commonly called as vintage watches. While owning watches from well- known brands such as the La Mer watches, including a timeless timepiece in one’s collection is acquiring a history far bigger than a person’s status-symbol dreams. These watches convey a unique sense of the past and rarity.

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History is not just the main reasons why you have to buy a vintage watch. There are three other reasons:

  • Style
  • value for money
  • Investment returns in times of financial uncertainty.

Vintage diamond watches are the ultimate style icons that you can take everywhere. And more often than not, they only cost a fraction of the price tags of their brand counterparts. Modern watches are mass produced, so when you walk along the street, there’s a good chance you’ll meet someone who has the same watch as yours. Vintage watches, on the other hand, are rare. They ooze individuality and unaltered charisma. These are the watches that would turn heads.

Vintage diamond watches speak of high quality craftsmanship. Modern watches have lost their financial value after a year or so because of the emergence of new models. On the other hand, vintage watches will have the same value as they have when they first left the factory. Since they retain their value, you would be able to sell them at the same price that you have bought them. In fact, the price can increase, which depends on the rarity of the watch and its iconic value.

Because of today’s aggressive marketing, replicas are found in every corner of the market. They can be very expensive. As a matter of fact, they can be pricier than the original vintage watches. Hence, always go for the original than the replica. Invest in even just one diamond watch and you will not regret doing so because diamond watches are timeless timepieces.