Closets To Go was started by Jeff Turner and Bob Anderson in Tigard, Oregon in 1985. Initially, the business offered closet organizers that are custom built in almond melamine or white finish. Because of huge customer demand, they expanded their product line until it included wall beds, home offices and garage cabinets. Closet systems can now be found on the market in a large variety of melamine materials that include wood finishes, designer patterns and a multitude of solid colors. The hardware has developed into bright and satin brass, anodized nickel and chrome finishes.

closets to go customs traditional closet portland

Humble Beginnings

For the last twenty years, custom closets have matured into a segment of wood working in the market with a trade magazine, from its humble beginning as finished carpenter’s sideline. Closets To Go continues to be an independent family operated and owned venture. It has grown substantially over the past years but still continues to lean and be responsive to its clients, in ways that is possible only with a small local business. Most of its clients are referrals and repeat customers but the company finds it gratifying to help people with their storage requirements, no matter how often it is.

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Closets To Go has been influential in revolutionizing a lot of the technology, products and tools that are in use at present. It has evolved into one of the pioneers in data base oriented programs for computer aided design. The program allows people to see how their closets will actually look, and how they can use it to fit their personal requirements. The program has everything that is in a closet system, allowing it to fix the rate precisely for the project. This means that there are no random formulas to figure out or guess work involved just to come up with the price. You pay only for what you will get. More information on the custom software of the company could be gathered from various Closets To Go reviews that can be found online.

closets to go customs traditional closet portland

Procedures In Getting Your Very Own Closets To Go

With Closets To Go, your dream closet could be turned into reality in just three steps. You need to access their website for the following procedures:

  • Designing Your Closet

Closets To Go has a custom software that will allow you to design your own closet. Should you rather let the company do the designing for you, they can do it for you at no extra cost.

  • Reviewing Your Design

Your closet design would be reviewed and double checked by the professional designers employed by the company.

  • Confirmation And Placement Of Order

Once you are satisfied with the design, your custom closet would be built and shipped to your location as soon as it is done.

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The average person could install a Closets To Go customized closet system in two to three hours, after opening the boxes. An installation guide comes with the package, which is easy to understand. Most of the pre assembling jobs have also been done by the company so installing the custom closet on your own would be a breeze.