Redecorating a room doesn’t end at just rearranging furniture. A bit of research will show that modern wall decals can add a whole new look and feel to a room. Often, new parents will add modern nursery wall decals to the baby’s room. They are an affordable, attractive, and easy-to-replace interior design accent for child and adult rooms alike.

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Popular Styles And Designs

Whether you’re searching for modern wall decals kids style or wall decals modern for adult rooms, the patterns available are endless. Your personal design palette will play a pivotal role in selecting the theme you choose but below are some popular selections.

  • Modern Wall Decals – These modern looks add a contemporary appeal to any room. You have your choice of tile looking decals, mosaic art, straight-line and square designs, white and black contrasted art, and even abstract shapes or imperial shapes abound.
  • Nature Themes – Forests and ocean scenes are quite common. You will find modern nursery wall decals with tranquil oceanic elements available. There are hillside scene elements, flowers, and skyscapes which liven up any room. The sharper and crisper the lines and vibrant the colors, the more modern they can appear.

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  • Cartoons And Disney – These will always be a favorite. Depending on the age of the person inhabiting the room, there are timeless Disney classics which apply. Even characters such as Dora or the Teletubbies may be found on different wall art for kids rooms. If you’re an adult and enjoy classic Disney characters then you’ll enjoy the selection of your favorite characters to adhere to your walls.
  • Animals – Fluffy kitties, happy cows and elephants, zoo or safari animals are all available to stick to the wall. Whoever stays in the room to be decorated with modern wall decals can choose their favorite animals. Use vibrant colors and silhouettes for modern appeal.
  • Cityscapes – These are a modern look. The silhouette of a city scene with its buildings, offices, and skyscrapers give off an inspired look.
  • Functionality – Some modern wall decals act as chalkboards. Imagine having a weekly or monthly calendar adhered to your wall. The square lines of a chalkboard and deep color add modern appeal to your room. This is where art meets function.


Modern Wall Decals Materials And Features

Wall decals have an adhesive backing so that they stick to your walls. Many homeowner do-it-yourself folks will hand craft their own wall decals using contact paper. It is constructed of thin vinyl with an adhesive backing. Larger manufacturers of custom wall decals also use thin vinyl on rolls to create their designs.

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Decorating Tips For Specific Rooms

Ready to get started decorating your room with modern wall decals? Then take a look at the tips below to help you get started.

  • Living Rooms – Less is more. This is a general living and greeting space so you want tranquility and calmness. Avoid too many modern wall decals in living rooms.
  • Adult Rooms – Dark hues mixed with vibrant whites or even teals and oranges can make for a modern and relaxing room atmosphere.
  • Children’s Rooms – Tree silhouettes and balloons can make for playful and inviting wall decor.

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These tips will serve as your guide in decorating any part of your house with the modern wall decals of your choice.