At the first instance designer keychains might seem like an over kill. You must be thinking “designer keychains, too?”. This is anybody’s first thought. Let us look at what a designer key chain delivers.

Most people will probably find designer clothes and accessories out of their budget range. A designer key chain is definitely expensive compared to a normal key chain, but they are affordable compared to many other designer accessories. They serve a lot of other purposes which other accessories, serve and more. A key chain is something you use everyday unlike a dress, which you use only once in a while. In that sense, it makes sense to spend money on a designer key chain. Designer keychains chosen correctly are a definite attention gatherers. They also make you stand out of the crowd.

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Three Aspects Of A Designer Keychain

There are three aspects of a designer key chain and we will be dealing with each of these aspects. They are functional, aesthetic, and personal aspects.

1.)  Functional Aspect Of Designer Keychains:

A lot of people are just no nonsense people. They just look at the functional aspects of anything they use and just don’t bother about the rest. For instance, a keychain bottle opener is a great example of a functional key chain. If you are looking for another example, a laser pointer also is a functional key chain. Designer keychains also come with embedded functional aspects and they are not limited to what is mentioned above. When you choose a designer keychain, it is a good idea to give a thought to the functional aspects of a key chain.

2.)  Aesthetic Aspect Of Designer Keychains:

The biggest selling point of a designer key chain is the aesthetic aspect. They come in a wide variety of designs. Several designs are inspired from various other fields. You can find a shoe inspired design, clothing inspired design, music inspired design, sports inspired design and even movie star inspired designs. You should see how they are looked at by you and your peers. Since getting attention is a part of the process, you should also give a thought to what others think about them.

 coolest keychain design from a hotel

3.)  Personal Aspect Of Designer Keychains:

This is the height of a designer key chain. Expressing yourself through your dress, work, and friends is commonly seen. When you have something special, it usually is an expression of yourself. Designer keychains are a great way to express your personality. They can tell about you for someone who pays attention. Some hard core people actually make their own key chains. They are the DIY guys. They don’t find any of the key chains on the market to suit them and they actually sit down and make one for themselves. If you are one of those, feel free to go ahead.