Katespade.com has designer baby bags. The Fan Court Stevie Baby Bag is a zebra stripe that is made with naturally woven cotton mistelino and natural cowhide trimming. It is also adorned with 14K light gold-plated lining. This has a changing pad inside and bottle pockets as well as a removable coin purse and other pockets. An idea is if your baby has grown old enough not to need the changing pad anymore, you can still use the changing pad where you can spread your makeup when putting it on in a public restroom. That is, if you don’t want your makeup packaging to touch the usually unclean counters in these restrooms. You can buy a baby bag with the changing pad for this purpose, even.

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Katespade.com. has the Cabana Stripe Small Coal Baby Bag. The Saphronitis color selection lends a tropical feel to this bag. This is great for summertime, or if you are vacationing, or live somewhere like Florida or Mexico. The Saphronitis colors are Orange, White and a Pink in three broad stripes across the bag, which does look very tropical looking. It should look much like the tropics to you as well.

These two of the best designer baby bags look great, where you can use the Fan Court Stevie zebra baby bag for winter and fall and the Cabana Stripe Small Coal baby bag for spring and summer. The Fan court Stevie baby bag is a designer baby changing bag as it has the changing pad included.

The designer diaper baby bag is the Cabana Stripe Small Coal baby bag for summer. This bag is of very summery colors and reminds one of surf and sand times. This means summertime. It even hits harder if used in a tropical location, even. If you are planning to travel with baby, this is the one to take, as it is bright and cheery and not of dark colors like the other one recommended here for winter.

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There is yet other kinds of designer baby bags for mothers going about town with their baby. This is the Kate Spade Nylon Maryanne Baby Bag. This is perfect for you when you are in the city and want to look rather chic. This includes a changing pad and a pacifier pouch for those who do use pacifiers. It also includes bottle pockets as well as additional pockets. It also has 14k light gold plated hardware.

The best designer baby bags depend on the season, or whether or not if you are in town. If you are usually in town, the best designer changing bag is the Kate Spade Nylon Maryanne baby bag.