The most vital component for a cheerleader to wear is the shoes. Popularly known as cheer shoes, these are designed specifically to cater to a cheerleader’s needs. Cheerleaders need to remain active throughout the event, cheering and dancing enthusiastically throughout. Because of this, many may suffer injuries and a number of blisters. If you don’t wear the right shoes thus, you won’t able to do your best and that could lead to failed stunts, disappointments and much more. In order to ensure that you have the right cheer shoes, you should be careful when you shop.

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Choosing the Right Cheer Shoes

  • The Price: This can be a huge problem for many because cheerleaders because they are usually on strict budget. Buying the best is thus not always possible and the squad usually ends up with uncomfortable varsity cheer shoes. These shoes are also low on quality and don’t last long. Within a season they may tear. Hence, especially if you don’t have enough funds, you should be careful as you shop. Instead of compromising on the quality to get inexpensive shoes, you should look for cheap cheer shoes that are still reliable. Such shoes can be found at outlets, during sales and discounts and over the Internet. The Internet is especially a good choice because you will find discounts at almost all times. You should be careful and you must select shoes that are from a good brand but are cheaper.

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  • Fit: If you want the shoes to be comfortable, you should make sure they fit you right. The support you get from your cheer shoes determines whether you will be able to perform throughout the event without suffering with pain and blisters or not. The shoes you choose must also be lightweight so that you can jump and perform stunts with ease. If you can find shoes with finger grooves, you should buy them because they will make your stunts easier still. If you neglect the fit, comfort and weight, you might end up with injuries more often than not.

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  • Others: The color and the style should also be kept in mind. These are very important aspects of cheer shoes because the color has to match the shoes and the style must be the same for the entire squad. If your squad is planning on performing difficult stunts and flips, you should consider custom made shoes. This might be expensive and is possible only for those who have a flexible budget. You have the option of researching longer and buying shoes that fit your needs the best too. Brands such as Adidas, Nike, Ascis offer very durable and comfortable cheer shoes.

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You can also buy cheer bags to carry your youth cheer shoes to the event and back home after the event. The cheer bags can be customized to carry the logo of your team too. Depending on how far you can go, you should keep your options open.