Dentist tools are the instruments that our dentist uses to clean, examine and otherwise take care of our teeth. Some of them may look frightening to some patients, but the dentist will do his or her best to treat your dental issues without causing any unnecessary pain.

typical dental hand tools

There are many dentist tools with various dentist tools names that your dentist may need to use in order to take care of your dental issues. Some of these are:

Dental Hand Tools: Some of the dentist tools include various long metal probes, long handles with little mirrors on the end, and even special long handled tweezers. The mirrors may or may not have little lights on them, and are used to give the dentist a better look at all the various angles of your teeth so he won’t miss anything that could be wrong. The probes are usually used on one end to check the teeth for various kinds of problems, while the other end is usually a scraper used to get rid of plaque or other build up on the teeth. Tweezers are used to help the dentist put in or take out small items he needs to use on your teeth.

Chairs and Lights: A dental chair is one of the interesting dentist tools because of all the attachments on them. It can go up and down as needed for the patient to be put in the right position or angle and is controlled by the foot petal on the bottom. The chair may have an arm over the head of the patient that has a light on it that the dentist can adjust as needed. He also has a table there where all of the dentist tools are placed prior to and during the dental procedures.

Rotary Tools: These are dentist tools for sale to dentists that include drills and other electrical instruments. Usually attachments can go on these tools so that the dentist can do things like clean, polish or remove teeth or decay material as needed. The attachments are called burs and come in several shapes and sizes and do various jobs like cleaning, etc.

Suction tools: These of course are the dentist tools that remove any extra saliva or blood that may accumulate while the dentist is working on the patient. It is a long plastic hollow straw-like device that works similar to a vacuum cleaner, but of course is geared to be used in the mouth.

easy to use dental suction tool

This is only a short listing of some of the dentist tools, and if you want to know what they look like you can go online and Google dentists tools pictures, and you will see lots of pictures of these and other dentists tools.