Most of us have to go to the dentist at least once or twice a year to get our teeth cleaned. Or, if necessary, you may need a cavity filled or a tooth pulled. Whatever the case, dental tools are what the dentist uses to complete those procedures. Most are either dental tools for cleaning teeth or some for examining, pulling or otherwise taking care of your teeth.

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Here are some descriptions of some of the dental tools you may encounter in your visit to the dentist:

Dental Mirror: One of the dental tools you will see the dentist put into your mouth is a dental mirror. The dentist uses it to examine the teeth that are hard to see and lets him look at them at different angles.

Sickle Probe: Another of the dental tools you will probably see is a sickle probe. It has a curved probe on one side and a softer one on the other side. The dentist uses it to test your teeth to see if there are any soft spots, as well as to help scrap off tartar and plaque.

Periodontal Probe: A periodontal probe is a tool the dentist uses to measure your gum depth to see if you have a periodontal pocket, which would be a gap that means your gums may have periodontal disease.

Scaler: These dental tools are for cleaning teeth. They look like a curved metal hook and help to scrap off plaque.

Polisher: A polisher is a dental tool that the dentist buffs and shines your teeth with after he has cleaned them. It has a rotating rubber head that is used on the teeth. It doesn’t hurt, but it may feel strange to some people.

Drill: This is one of the dental tools that most of us hate, but it is necessary to help get the decay material out of a cavity so the dentist can fill it with dental material. It works at various speeds and makes a burring noise that can be irritating to some patients.

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Dentists must know where to find dental tools for sale, but the average person doesn’t really have a use for the majority of the tools that your dentist uses in his office. However, there are dental tools for home use such as toothbrushes, flossing string, flossing holders and other items you may use as directed by your dentist.

All in all, dental tools are necessary whether used by your dentist or used at home so that we can have healthy teeth that will last us during our lives.