Deer are wonderful creatures. Yes, they really are. But having deer wandering around your backyard can be very inconvenient, detrimental, and costly. This is true especially if you have been keeping a wonderful garden with beautiful flowers and shrubs. Deer can munch all your precious plants in a snap of your finger and before you can come near them, they would be gone. Imagine those sweet little flowers you have bought from your travel abroad. Imagine such plants stuck in the deer’s mouth in bits and pieces.

Costly as they may seem, deer fencing is indispensable for houses where deer is frequently seen wandering almost just a few meters away. Deer fence is specifically designed to be strong enough to keep even the largest deer off your land and to prevent excessive damage to your property.

best deer fencing

There are several kinds of deer fencing that varies according to material, invisibility, and durability. Some types of deer fencing can easily be secured to existing trees, posts and other outdoor furnishings and can be easily installed. Electric deer fencing is normally consists of wires strung low on the desired border. The good thing about electric deer fencing is that among all other types of deer fencing, it is actually the cheapest. However, if you have children, you might want to remove electric deer fencing from your options, as this could be very dangerous for the curious kids.

Another disadvantage of electric deer fencing is that there are just some portions that are baited. So a substantial part of the deer’s body needs to be exposed on it first before the deer can experience the electric shock caused by the fencing.

invisible deer fencing installation

The less visible deer fencing is, the more expensive it is. Invisible deer fencing won’t detract from its surroundings and blends with any background. You can still accentuate your yard with wonderful outdoor furniture and the like and your invisible deer fencing will never obstruct the view. Even though you have dear fence surrounding your entire land, with invisible fencing, it will look like you haven’t installed a fence at all. Metal deer fencing is durable enough to cast off any deer that is likely to ravage your beautiful garden. More importantly, metal deer fencing is less expensive.
Deer fencing is very ideal to protect your land against untamed deer. Aside from the fact that it ensures the wellness of your precious garden, it’s a wonderful and humane way of getting rid of deer.