As their name implies, floating candles are candles which are specifically designed to float in water. To achieve this effect, they are molded with bigger tops and small bases to ensure that they will stay lighted and stable as they glow on top of the water. When used as a centerpiece on a table or party venue, floating candles add a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, regardless if you are celebrating a special occasion or not.

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Decorative floating candles are used in a multitude of applications. Here are some of them.

  • The most common is at outdoor parties, where numerous floating candles are distributed across the venue or pool not only to project an inviting visual effect but also to warn the party goers about the presence of water.
  • Floating candles are also used as centerpieces on dining tables. Usually, restaurants use heart shaped floating candles and suspend them on a large dish of water. At home, they are also lighted to beautify the garden with water features as well as the home’s interior.

Popular Variations

To be able to cater to a wide number of consumers, many varieties of floating candles have been created. The following are some of these varieties.

  • Floating LED Candles – These candles take away the worries brought by open fire through the use of LED lights. These LED candles are safe, lightweight and long-lasting for you to enjoy the romantic ambiance over and over again. You can place them anywhere you want, whether on your table, pool or vase. LED candles are made with light but durable plastic and are powered by batteries.
  • Flameless Floating Candles – Just like real candles, these flameless candles flicker and glow automatically when you put them in water. These candles are also safe, convenient and can be used on any applications. By using these floating candles, you can stay smoke-free, flame-free and most importantly, worry-free. They are also battery operated and mostly available in sets.
  • Color-Changing Floating Candles – These candles are similar to flameless variations in many aspects. They are safe, glow automatically when placed in water, battery-operated and best of all, smoke and flame-free. The only difference is that they are made of real unscented wax and use LED lights that change in different lovely colors, which make them perfect for any occasion especially during holiday season.

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Nowadays, there are many options on the materials and designs of floating candles that you can choose from. But if you still prefer the good old real candles, you can always buy from well-known candle makers like Nest Candles. Whether it be votive, wick, or classic candles, they got it all covered. Start decorating your place and create a romantic ambiance with floating candles.