Custom stickers are an extremely low cost way to create interest with a feature wall, adding a unique touch to your home. Wallpaper was a big fad twenty years ago, but modern homeowners want to redecorate their homes more often to change up the decor and the atmosphere. Modern homeowners are looking to create unique and sophisticated design elements without spending a great deal of money to accomplish their goal.

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Some types of custom stickers

Modern wall decals are available in many interesting and exciting designs and colors. It is also possible to obtain custom stickers by placing a special order with a site that offers custom order service. Some sites can take your favorite photographs and turn them into custom printed stickers in various sizes, depending on what you request at the time of your order. At the time of ordering your custom stickers, you will have to specify exactly what it is that you are looking for as far as size and design are concerned.

Tips in applying custom stickers

The best part about decorating any room in your home with stickers is that you can move them around, change them out or remove them altogether when you are tired of the way they look. Stickers that are designed for walls do not leave any heavy residue on walls, will not remove the paper from drywall and can be reapplied in another area if they are removed carefully enough.

In order to get the best application for custom wall stickers, you should carefully prepare your walls by wiping them clean in order to ensure that all dust is removed and the surface is free of dirt. Once that has been accomplished, application is simple. A clean surface will ensure better adhesion and will keep the sticker on the wall for longer. If any dirt remains on the wall, it can cause the sticker to separate from the wall over time.

Larger stickers may require two or more people to work together to apply the sticker properly. Once the sticker has been placed in the desired location, a squeegee should be used to go over the decal, removing any air bubbles and ensuring proper and full adhesion to the surface. Stickers should not be applied to uneven surfaces such as concrete because they will not stick to them properly.

Where to get custom stickers

Custom stickers are not a new idea, but the idea of using them on the walls of your home is a design element that is quickly gaining a great deal of popularity. It could be that you have never considered the fact that cheap custom stickers are available with a few clicks of your mouse. Most custom decal stickers are printed on a special vinyl material that is extremely thin and can be easily applied to your walls.

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Custom stickers are a great way to personalize your home. By using this design element, you can easily change the look of any room in your home in minutes. You don’t have to go out and purchase expensive paints, prepare your walls by patching them, apply primer and spend hours painting walls. Stickers will not create a large mess like paints will, and you do not need any special glue to apply them to your walls.