When it comes to making a date night (or day) plan, it can sometimes be hard to come up with something – especially coming up with something new.

There are many things you can do on date night – so how do you pick what to do and where to go?

Date night ideas may be a dime a dozen, but when you want to think of something great, it's often hard to come up with the right date night ideas.

Planning Your Date Night

There are things that you'll want to consider when it comes to deciding what to do on date night. You want to consider how long you've been dating, how much money you have to spend, the time of day you're going out, whether you want to go out or just stay in, and if you want to enjoy some time outside or do something indoors.

Here are 101 date ideas that give you some of each of these options – you can go out during the day, at night, or make it a whole day date. Pick one, or combine a few if you have enough time to enjoy more than one of these great date night ideas.

1. Go Bowling

Couple laughing together

If you have a local alley with open bowling, why not throw some balls down the lane?

2. Catch a Movie

couple watching movie together

There's always something good playing in the theater. Not the cheapest date, but it can be fun to see something before it's on Netflix.

3. Go to the Theater

Theater actor

Instead of going to watch a movie on the screen, why not catch a live play?

4. Go to the Opera

Opera house

If you like music and plays, get a combination of both at the opera.

5. Go to the Symphony

Symphony music

If you enjoy music, but the opera is a bit too much for you, the symphony allows you a new way to enjoy music and culture as well.

6. Check Out the Ballet

Ballet dancers

If you want to watch a story played out with dance, the ballet is an amazing experience.

7. Have a Fancy Dinner

couple having a Fancy Dinner

Go out for a fancy meal at a classy restaurant, with a suit and formal dress even!

8. Go for a Moonlit Walk

Moonlit Walk

The moon is always a romantic thing to see. Why not go for a moonlit walk and enjoy the glow.

9. Enjoy a Picnic on the Beach

Picnic on the Beach

As long as the beach you're hanging out on doesn't have specific hours, why not enjoy a beach picnic? Or, have one earlier in the day, on the beach or at a park.

10. Play Some Beach Volleyball

 Beach Volleyball

If you and your date are the sporty types, you can get in a good date “workout” playing some beach volleyball. Go for a swim after the game, to cool off.

11. Candlelit Dinner at Home

Candlelit Dinner at Home

Save money and stay home – you can still have romance and a delicious meal when dining at home (as long as one of you has skills in the kitchen).

12. Netflix and Chill

couple watching Netflix and Chill

Why not have a relaxing night at home? Stay in and binge-watch a show or watch a movie or two on Netflix, or another streaming service.

13. Watch a Documentary

Watch a Documentary

If you're not in the mood to watch TV shows or a movie, why not watch a documentary together? It's a chance for both of you to learn something new.

14. See a Band

live Band

Go out for some live music – whether you go see a local band or something big at the local arena, live music is a great date adventure.

15. Get Backstage Passes

Backstage Passes

If you're going to see one of your favorite national acts, try to get backstage passes. You'll make it an even more memorable night.

16. Go to an Art Opening

Art gallery

If either of you enjoys art, enjoy it at an art opening. You might even get free wine and cheese.

17. Take a Cooking Class Together

Cooking Class

Cooking together can be a great bonding experience – learn to cook something new.

18. Stroll the Mall

Couple Strolling the Mall

Malls have some really interesting stores – why not explore them and try some food court cuisine?

19. Go Out for Pizza

couple eating Pizza

Pizza. Enough said.

20. Go Dancing


Dancing is great cardio, and it's especially fun to do as a couple.

21. Take Dance Lessons

Take Dance Lessons

If either of you doesn't know how to dance, take some dance lessons.

22. Play Board Games

Playing Board Games

Stay in and play some board games. It's a cheap date and can be fun.

23. Play a Card Game

Play a Card Game

Not big on board games? Pull out a deck of cards. Even Go Fish can be fun.

24. Have a Video Game Night

Have a Video Game Night

If you have a video game system, why not challenge each other to your favorite games?

25. Go to a Festival

Go to a Festival

Festivals give you a chance to enjoy culture in so many ways – from music and food to rides and art.

26. Play Pub Trivia

Playing a Pub Trivia

If either of you has a knack for trivia, try out pub trivia (you might win some money).

27. Take a Late Night Walk Around the City

Late Night Walk Around the City

If you live in a city, why not take a walk in the night and enjoy all the lights, as well as the beauty the city has to offer.

28. Go Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting

If you both enjoy wine, hit up a winery and have a taste.

29. Tour a Winery

Tour a Winery

Go for a winery tour – see the fruit on the vine.

30. Take a Brewery Tour

Take a Brewery Tour

Ever wondered how beer is made? You can find out on a brewery tour.

31. Try Out a New Brewery

Try Out a New Brewery

There are new breweries opening up all the time – so go try some new brews.

32. Visit the Planetarium

Visit the Planetarium

Learn about the stars so the next time you look at the sky, you know what you're looking at.

33. Play Pool

Playing Pool

Shoot some pool, have a beer.

34. Play Darts

Play Darts

If the bar you're at has darts, why not throw some?

35. Go to a Fancy Party

Fancy Party

Dress up and go to a nice party – if you know some friends putting one on.

36. Attend a Charity Event

Charity Event

Another chance to dress up fancy, and for a good cause, is to attend a charity event.

37. Check Out the Local Pub

Local Pub

Just go to the bar. Not best for a first date, but great if you both enjoy a night at the pub.

38. Make Dinner Together

couple having dinner

Instead of going out, stay in and make something together. Bonding time in the kitchen can be romantic.

39. Have a Couples Spa Night

Couples Spa Night

Stay in, soak in the bath together, give each other facials, and just take care of yourselves.

40. Try Couple's Massage

Couples Spa Night

Have a relaxing visit to the massage therapist together.

41. Go Camping


Go camping at a park, or in your own backyard.

42. Go to a Comedy Show

Comedy Show

If one of you is in need of a laugh, go to a comedy show.

43. Do Yoga Together

Do Yoga Together

Do some yoga together – it can be a great bonding experience.

44. Stay at a Nice Hotel

Stay at a Nice Hotel

Get away from home for the whole night and stay at a hotel. Swing, enjoy the sauna, and just enjoy a night where someone else has to clean up the mess.

45. Go to a Bed & Breakfast

Go to a Bed & Breakfast

Bed & Breakfasts are more quaint than hotels – and someone will make a homemade breakfast for you in the morning.

46. Look at the Stars

 Look at the Stars

Spend some time in the great outdoors looking up at the stars.

47. Have a Bonfire

Have a Bonfire

Have a bonfire in your own backyard and roast some marshmallows to feed each other.

48. Go to the Drive-In

Go to the Drive-In

There are still drive-in theaters running – check one out for a somewhat unique experience.

49. Go to the Fair

 ride some rides

Fairs are fun. Have some cotton candy, throw darts at balloons, and ride some rides.

50. Visit an Amusement Park

Amusement Park

Kind of like the fair, but with better rides.

51. Try a New Restaurant

couple eating dinner

Go to a restaurant neither of you have been to before.

52. Go on a Road Trip

Road Trip

Jump in the car and drive – the destination doesn't matter.

53. Go Sight-Seeing

couple with eiffel tower background

Go to a scenic outlook, walk around a historic town, or just walk somewhere and see what there is to discover.

54. Go to the Museum

couple at the Museum

Whether it's art or history, museums are great places for dates.

55. Exchange Romantic Gifts

man kissing woman

Instead of going out, stay home and exchange romantic gifts (they could be ones you use in the bedroom later that night).

56. Go Bar Hopping

Bar Hopping

Go out for a fun night and enjoy a drink at all of your favorite bars (make sure you call an Uber).

57. Go to the Arcade

couple playing in the Arcade

Relieve your younger years and go play some video games at the arcade – use your tickets to get each other a fun gift.

58. Watch the Sunset

watching the sunset

Sunsets are extremely romantic.

59. Catch Fireflies

Catch Fireflies

A jar of glowing fireflies is romantic, and catching them is fun. But make sure you give them air holes and let them go before they die.

60. Go to a Sports Game

watching rugby

Catch a basketball, football, hockey, or baseball game together. This is the perfect date idea for couples that love sports.

61. Go on a Double Date

Double Date

Make your date a double with another couple you're friends with (or set up some friends).

62. Go to a Book Store

Book Store

The ultimate book lovers date should include a stop at a bookstore.

63. Take ​​​​an Art Class

Take an Art Class

Hone your artistic skills together and take an art class.

64. Start a Hobby Together

 Hobby Together

Start a hobby together – whether it's art, crafting, or something else.

65. Go to Your Favorite Restaurant

 couple eating in the Restaurant

Take a night out to go to your favorite restaurant (if you both like different places, go to one this date and the other your next one).

66. Go Out for Dessert Only

couple having a Dessert

Be adventurous – go out for dessert instead of dinner.

67. Rent a Movie

Rent a Movie

There are still places to rent movies – like the local library.

68. Go Sing Karaoke

Singing Karaoke

If either of you has any singing talents (or you like to sing), have a karaoke date night.

69. Learn a New Language Together

couple reading books

Pick a language to work together.

70. Read Together

Couple reads the Bible in bed

Start reading the same book – hang out at home in silence. Then talk about what you read (like your own personal book club).

71. Order for Each Other at a Restaurant

Order for Each Other at a Restaurant

Be adventurous – let your date pick what you'll be dining on.

72. Go Play Golf

Play Golf

Go play some golf if it's a nice day out.

73. Try Disc Golf

Disc Golf

Disc golf can be even more fun, and challenging.

74. Start Planning Your Dream Vacation

Start Planning Your Dream Vacation

Stay in and plan a big vacation (put away the date money you save to help pay for your time away).

75. Recreate Your First Date

Recreate Your First Date

Go to the same place and do the same things.

76. Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

If you're adventurous, try a scavenger hunt (you can set up your own, go to one set up by others, or even do some geocaching).

77. Go Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

If scavenger hunts aren't enough adventure for you, go to a rock climbing wall.

78. Do a Photo Shoot

 Photo Shoot

Take photos of each other on your adventures.

79. Order Takeout

couple eating in the room

Stay in and order in. You can even order from a couple different places, depending on what you're both in the mood for.

80. Redecorate the House

Redecorate the House

Have a productive date – do some work around the house.

81. Do a Puzzle Together

Do a Puzzle Together

Stay in and put a puzzle together.

82. Host a Dinner Party

Host a Dinner Party

Instead of going to a dinner party, invite other couples over for one at your place.

83. Attend a Murder Mystery Party

Attend a Murder Mystery Party

Murder Mystery Parties let you solve mysteries together.

84. Get Friends Together and Beat an Escape Room

Get Friends Together and Beat an Escape Room

Escape Rooms require more than two people, but they are fun.

85. Get Tattoos Together

Get Tattoos Together

If you are both open to tattoos, why not get one together (just don't get your names on each other).

86. Go to a Psychic

Go to a Psychic

If you're curious about the future of your relationship, visit a psychic. They might use a crystal ball or might read your palms, or do a tea leaf reading.

88. Play Putt-Putt Golf

playing Putt-Putt Golf

Not up for the big golf course? Have some fun with putt-putt.

89. Attend an Open Mic Night

Attend an Open Mic Night

Go to open mic night, and sign up if you have a talent. Some only allow music, others will let you do comedy acts and even read poetry.

90. Write Poems to Each Other

Write Poems to Each Other

Stay in and write romantic poems to each other. This pairs great with a candlelit dinner that you cooked together.

91. Go Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding

Get on the trails and let the horse lead the way.

92. Take a Hike

Take a Hike

If you're not a fan of horses, hit the trails on your own legs. Hiking lets you get back to nature (and offers lots of time for communication).

93. Go for a Jog Together

Couple Jog Together

If you both enjoy fitness, go for a jog. You can have a destination, or just enjoy the time on the road together.

94. Take a Fitness Class Together

Take a Fitness Class Together

Another great date idea for the fitness minded is to take a fitness class together.

95. Play Basketball at the Park

Play Basketball at the Park

Shoot some hoops, neither of you have to be good at it.

96. Play Tennis at the Park

Play Tennis at the Park

Tennis is also fun, and it doesn't matter if you can play well.

97. Go Swimming


Cool off together – take a swim in a pool or at a lake. Skip the skinny dipping, unless you want to get fined and maybe spend a night in jail!

98. Volunteer Together

Volunteer Together

Volunteer your date night at a soup kitchen.

99. Go to a Toy Store

Toy Store

Relieve your youth and spend your date (or part of it anyway) checking out the toys at the toy store. Play a game at stores that offer game nights.

100. Visit a Tourist Trap

couple watching view

Hit the road with a crazy destination – like the largest pie plate in the world or the biggest Paul Bunyon statue. Or, visit a park that has giant dinosaur statues or characters from your favorite cartoons.

101. Go Out for Ice Cream

Go Out for Ice Cream

Craving dessert – go out for ice cream (you can walk there or ride bikes there). Split a banana split or a sundae.

Make It a Date

Now that you have a plethora of date night ideas, it's time to make a plan. Consider how much money and time you want to spend and do things that you'll both enjoy. The more special the date, the longer both of you will remember it.