Everyone would certainly not wish to experience the deadly threat of fire. Fire is a very destructive disaster that can quickly turn all your possessions into ashes and instantly take away lives as well. This is the reason why fire safety is a main requirement for every business and all companies must have an established fire evacuation plan. But many commercial buildings and households are still unaware of the common misconceptions about the real danger signs of fire. Many don’t have fire safety signs, no fire evacuation plan and haven’t fire-proofed their building with accordance with Fire Safety Compliance. This can make them unprepared and very susceptible to fire danger. Being prepared for fire is not just by having a fire escape plan or a fire exit. The fight against fire greatly depends on several factors and one of them is by giving proper information to the people by having danger signs strategically installed in the workplace or household.

most widely used basic danger sign

An emergency air horn for example is an ideal alternative to conventional fire alarms that can be used once the signs of danger are noticed. This is ideal for remote construction sites and quarries where it is impractical and expensive to install an electric fire alarm system. This device usually comes with a bright and very noticeable safety sign. Gas powered air horns are very easy to use and perfect for temporary installations and remote areas.

There are also many companies today that are being eco-friendly, so they commit in recycling and buying non-toxic supplies. Many of them now understand the economic benefits of being green together with their goal to protect the environment. Although there are many factors that need to be considered before a certain company is labeled as eco-friendly, many start by replacing their conventional electric danger signs with photoluminescent fire safety signs.

yellow colored danger shock hazard sign

Conventional electrical fire exit signs are starting to be impractical and also unfriendly to the environment because of its never ending need for electricity. These electric danger signs take up a lot of the electric cost for companies because they need to be lit 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. So by changing these electric signs with photoluminescent exit signs can result to economical and environmental benefits. This innovation started out in the UK, and now this system is being adopted in other European countries and in the US. Several major cities in the US such as New York have established a city ordinance that would require buildings that are more than 75 feet tall to have these photoluminescent safety signs installed.