Cycling has been a sport and a pastime. Cyclists’ parade their cycling clothing every spring, summer, autumn and winter. Yes, winter cycling is already enjoyed by many. Be fit and enjoy the comfort with the cycling clothing you choose.

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Essential Cycling Clothes for a Comfortable Ride

  • Cycling Shorts – Cycling shorts is the absolute cycling clothing. A cycling short with padded inserts will aid in eliminating saddle soreness. This will allow riders to cycle sore-free all day. There are many types of cycling shorts such as slim fitting Lycra, baggy shorts and padded undershorts. It is also the most used cycling clothing for men.
  • Cycling Jerseys – A cycling jersey is not necessary but once this is worn, it will be appreciated because of the fabrics used and the designs like back pockets for tidbit snacks and a long zipper for ventilation. It has the ability to wick sweat away. This can also be used for hiking or running.
  • Cycling Gloves – Not all cyclists, professional or amateur, are using cycling mitts. The benefit of wearing this is protection against sore due to heavy braking, vibration on bumpy trails or if you fall. Don’t worry. This will only require a few dollars.
  • Cycling Sunglasses – Once the wind is sweeping your way, insects and debris will surely flicker in your eyes. This will even be aggravated by sunlight. Protect your eyes from these with cycling sunglasses. One cool thing about this is it literally keeps insects out because of the wrap around design.

Some men and women as well opt to wear cycling pants. Some may not be used to wear tight fitting shorts that show off their curves and bumps. Do not forget to wear a cycling helmet to ensure maximum protection. Never use tight fitting jeans because it will cause you a major discomfort and will be damp if rain falls. Wear training shoes or cycling shoes instead of flip flops. Your feet may get a cut and be wounded.

For cyclists planning to ride their bikes on winter, modify the essential cycling clothing with the following winter cycling clothing.

  • winter tights which are now becoming more available since winter cycling is becoming popular
  • breathless fabrics like the Polartec fabric – it vents most of the moisture so as not to trigger ice formation on your jacket

Do not forget as well to have cycling shoes that is warm enough for winter and go for studded tires if ice and snow are expected.

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Principles to Remember

Not all people can afford custom cycling clothing; hence, some ride their bikes wearing only ordinary street clothes. Your selection must consider the weather and the location.

  • The first principle is layering. In a wet or cold weather, add more layers. Don’t choose a thick material to wear. Layering makes it easy in adjusting to the changing temperature from the heat of your body and that of your environment.
  • The second principle to consider is tight fitting. Baggy outfits allow cold air to get in touch with the skin making the wind colder, in addition to the fact that there is direct evaporation of sweat from the skin.
  • The third principle is keeping the skin dry by means of transferring sweat exteriorly. Since this will allow sweat to evaporate, cycling clothes will not be soaked and the body will be cooled minimally.

There is a wide variety of styles from custom cycling clothing to modified cycling clothesTry as many styles of cycling clothing before you purchase. Everyone has a different body type. Make sure that you are comfortable with what you wear.