The main reasons that people use a dog collar is in order to help control their dogs, and for safety. It is much easier to control a dog that is wearing a collar, as it gives the owner something to hold on to, and it also allows them to attach the leash to the dog. This is especially important when walking the dog in a public area. Some people like to attach a tag to the collar with the dog’s name, address or a phone number and any health issues it may have in case it gets lost.

Cute Spiked Dog Collars for Small Dogs

Types of Collars

Many people like to choose a fashionable dog collar for their favorite pet, so that the dog looks good as well as keeping it safe. There are many different variations of collar, and some of them are more practical than others.

The main kinds of collar include:

  • Flat Buckle Collar
  • Choke Chain
  • Prong Collar
  • Head Halter
  • Shock Collar

Larger dogs need much sturdier collars than smaller dogs, and this is something that must be taken into consideration when choosing. Spiked dog collars are usually flat buckle collars and are a classic look. Although many of these are leather spiked dog collars, there are lots of different options available. Spiked dog collars can also be made from plastic, and woven materials, and come in just about any color or pattern imaginable.

Cool Leather Spiked Dog Collars

Why Choose a Spiked Dog Collar?

Spiked dog collars are a great look for any type of dog, and spiked dog collars for small dogs have become increasingly popular in recent years. One advantage of choosing this style of collar is that it is very tough and sturdy, which means that it will not break when pulled on. Due to the thickness of the spiked dog collar, it also reduces the pressure on the dog’s neck area when it pulls whilst walking on the leash. This is very important for the health and wellbeing of the dog. Large dogs are very powerful, and sometimes they can pull extremely hard on the leash, this can cause problems when they are wearing a very thin collar as it digs in. For those who do not wish to use spiked leather dog collars, there are a range of alternatives.

Rockstar Spiked Leather Dog Collars

Purchasing the Collar

There are a number of places to purchase a spiked dog collar both online and offline. There are specialist online pet stores, which sell a huge variety of collars and leashes, with an option to purchase a personalized information tag at the same time. Other places include Amazon, Ebay and other third party sites. You can also purchase one from your local pet store.

Stylish Spiked Dog Collars

Wherever you are buying from, it is very important that you get one that is the correct size for the dog. There are two main reasons for this:

  • Safety – If the collar is too loose, it may be possible for the dog to slip out of it whilst out on a walk. This could be potentially very dangerous for the dog depending on the situation.
  • Comfort – It is important that the collar is not too tight around the neck as it could be very uncomfortable and restrict the breathing of the dog.