The cost of laser teeth whitening treatments can range from $1000 to $2000. This cost is applicable only if all the teeth in the mouth are cleaned completely. $1000 is the average laser whitening cost in most of the western countries.

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Determinants Of Laser Whitening Cost

  • Teeth Condition – The laser teeth whitening cost will increase if the patient’s teeth are in a very bad condition due to continuous smoking, using tobacco or other health hazardous habits. Such patients require more than one treatment sessions and the laser whitening cost multiplies with the number of treatments taken. Each sitting might last up to two hours. It might take long longer depending on the color of the teeth too.
  • Dentist’s Reputation and Experience – The laser whitening cost may also depend upon the reputation and the experience of the doctor. Though it is named laser, there is actually no laser involved in cleaning your teeth. An opaque gel will be applied to the blackened teeth or all the teeth that require treatment. A special light placed above your teeth will fuel the crystals in the gel to absorb energy from the light. The active crystal will clean the outer enamel of your teeth. The process is very much similar to bleaching your mouth, except that, it is much more advanced and effective.
  • Location – Laser teeth whitening prices vary largely from one country to another. While, it costs a fortune in most of the western countries, it is done for a very low cost in many eastern Asian countries like India and China. Hence, many people prefer to go on a trip to these countries as medical tourists and get treatments at a very low cost in addition to enjoying their vocation.

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Zoom vs Britesmile Laser Tooth Whitening Brands

There are various brands of laser tooth whitening systems like Britesmile and Zoom. Both of them use light-activated tooth whitening tools and gels to give you a sparkly white row of beads inside your mouth. Britesmile whitening costs a bit higher than the zoom whitening cost. But, they are a bit more advanced that the latter system. While some patients complain about increased sensitivity and some form of allergies in the Zoom systems, Britesmile do not report any such complaints. Both the systems are equally famous among dentists with Zoom gaining the competitive edge, due to its easy usage and affordable cost.

Laser whitening costs keep reducing steadily due to the ample flow of store-bought whitening strips in the market. But, a regular dental check up and professional care will always help because there is no guarantee for the products sold over the counter. Invest some money and time to get that perfect smile instead of burning your mouth with some unknown product.