Cruise line ratings are a means of comparing different cruise lines against one another in terms of their ships? size, services, offered itineraries, entertainment, cuisine, and the like. It is advisable for someone considering booking a cruise to do his homework before selecting a cruise line and purchasing a vacation package. This ensures that he gets the very best cruise for his money.

Wise Cruise Line Ratings

When it comes to cruise line ratings, there are a broad range of things to take into consideration before a cruise line can be properly rated. Most cruise line rankings are conducted within categories of cruises. There are twelve generally accepted categories: Luxury cruises on boutique-sized ship; Luxury cruises on small-sized ships; Luxury cruises on mid-sized ships; Mid-price range cruises; Adventure cruises; Children?s cruises; Dining cruises; Family cruises; Honeymoon cruises; Teen cruises; 20-something party cruises; and River cruises.

Within each of these categories, the various cruise lines and their numerous ships are rated based on things, such as food service, room service, cleanliness, entertainment, cruise price, number of cruises available, and a number of other categories. However, the focus of each category will be on particular aspects of the cruise that will appeal to those looking for a cruise within that particular category.

Choosing the Best Cruise Lines

Choosing a cruise line can be a daunting task, and cruise line ratings are one tool that allows the customer to compare the different cruise options available so that they can make an informed decision. While cruise line ratings allow the customer to see what others have to say about the cruises and cruise lines in question, in the end, the choice will depend entirely on personal preference.

However, for those who are interested in the top rated cruise lines, the following will give them an idea of the best cruise lines and top cruise ship companies in each category:

Cruising with the Top Cruise Ship Companies

  • For Luxury cruises on boutique-sized ship, the best-rated cruise line is the Sea Dream Yacht Club.
  • For Luxury cruises on small-sized ships, the cruise line with the best rating is the Silversea Cruises.
  • For Luxury cruises on mid-sized ships, the best-rated cruise line is the Regent.
  • For Mid-price range cruises, the hands down winner is the Royal Caribbean.
  • For Adventure cruises, the top-rated cruise line is the Lindbald/National Geographic.
  • For Children?s cruises, the frontrunner is the Disney Cruise Line.
  • For Dining cruises, the award goes to the Crystal Cruise Line.
  • For Family cruises, the honor goes to the Carnival Cruises.
  • For Honeymoon cruises, it is the Regent.
  • For Teen cruises, the Royal Caribbean is the best-rated liner.
  • For 20-something party cruises, the Carnival Cruises is the favorite.

River cruises are the one area where there is no clear-cut ? Top rated? cruise line. Seeing that river cruises are dependent on local conditions, customs and weather; coupled with the fact that many river cruises are operated by small, independent companies, there is no way to compare one against another with any sort of accuracy.

Must Know Cruise Line Rankings

As with any purchase, selecting a cruise can be enhanced by being clear about what it is that one is looking for. From there, one could then choose among the available options until he finds the best cruise for his money. Using cruise line rankings is not a guarantee that one will enjoy his cruise. However, it will go a long way of ensuring that he can make an informed decision.