Any jeans that are not full length are classified as crop pants. The length of these pants usually end just below the knee or mid or upper calf. Men started wearing crop pants in the 1930’s as part of their summer get-up but in the US, it first became popular in the 1950’s when the clam diggers or pedal pushers first came out. Since then, several types of crop pants came out like the bike shorts that first appeared in the 1990’s. Crop pants for women have become a popular fashion style. It has become a summer wear essential.

trendy crop pants for women

Difference between Crop Pants and Capris

  • Crop pants are tapered around the ankle
  • Capri pants are flared out

Crop Pants Fashion Tip

  • For petite women, it is advisable that they wear form fitting crop pants that has a length that ends just below the ankles. The pants are best paired with high heeled shoes.

crop pants with heels

  • For a more relaxed look or for a day at the beach, linen crop pants or khaki crop pants should be the pants of choice. These pants should be baggy and just ends below the knee. Accessories can be added like colorful necklaces for a more balanced look. A good wedge can be added to the overall ensemble.
  • Another relaxed crop pants is the cargo. Get one that is a little flared at the bottom. Pair it with a light colored sleeveless top and accessorize with a nicely colored necklace and you are in for a hip and relaxed look. A pair of nice sandals would tie the look together.

linen crop pants elastic waist

  • Crop pants are not only confined for casual look, but can also be worn to the office. A gray crop pants that ends at the upper-calf, paired with a white 3/4’s blouse and accessorized with nude colored necklace is a perfect office wear. Pair it with pale pink pumps and you are sure to be a looker.
  • For plus sized women, there are also plus size crop pants. The best ones would be the dark printed ones with drawstring function so the fit can be adjusted and formed just above the calf. It can be worn with a white shirt and accessorized with bangles. For a slimmer look, wear high heeled pumps.

fashionable plus size crop pants

Where to Buy Crop Pants

Where you buy your crop pants would depend on how much your budget is. There are designer crop pants that are more expensive. However, you don’t have to buy expensive crop pants because there are pants that you can buy at a reasonable price. To find a good deal, you can go online and search for online stores that sell these pants. These online shops abound and many of these shops offer good deals on what they sell. You just need to know how to mix and match the tops and accessories to complement the crop pants.

Now that you have ample knowledge about this type of pants, head on to your nearest store and try one now. This pair of pants looks good with a baby tee and flip-flops for an ordinary day but you can always follow the tips aforementioned and mix and match your outfit to look more fashionable. Remember though that these pants are best worn during hot season as it shows off your ankle and you don’t want to show off your ankles during winter, now do you?