Most people may not realize this, but Cristiano Ronaldo was named after the American president Ronald Reagan. Reagan was Ronaldo’s favorite actor and his love of the man drove him to name his last child after him as a way of honoring him. He could have had no idea at the time that his little son would soon be better known in Europe than Ronald Reagan would ever be, and that Cristiano Ronaldo posters would be hanging on the walls of thousands of pubs, streets, and bedrooms all over the world.

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Cristiano Ronaldo posters are a hot item. Not only is Ronaldo one of the most famous footballers the world has ever seen, he is also incredibly good looking, good looking enough to land the job as a spokesperson for Armani. It’s no wonder that adoring fans follow him wherever he goes and that posters of Cristiano Ronaldo fly off the shelves.

Whenever someone gets that famous controversy and scandal are sure to be close at hand. Ronaldo has had his share of torrid love affairs and even the mother of his first born son is still a mystery. In typical playboy fashion Ronaldo has dated fashion models and superstars including the sultry Russian model Irina Shayk. Still, ladies go gaga with Cristiano Ronaldo posters which makes him a certified heartthrob.

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But football is the real reason Cristiano Ronaldo is known around the world and for a good reason. The striker has set both team and league records and has won the coveted European Golden Show award two times. As a member of Real Madrid, Ronaldo has led the team to many victories although no championships. A lot of Cristiano Ronald posters are pictures if him playing football.

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The World Cup has never been kind to Ronaldo. In the 2006 World Cup Ronaldo was involved in the controversy surrounding the ejection of a team mate while playing against Portugal, the team from Ronaldo’s home country. The scandal and the negative press had a major impact on Ronaldo, leading to his abandoning the Manchester United team and joining Real Madrid a few years later.

Ronaldo’s 2010 World Cup appearance also got off to a bad start when he was tackled in the first game by a player from the Ivory Coast team. The argument that followed led to both players receiving a yellow card that remained on Ronaldo’s record despite an appeal by Portugal. He only scored one goal during the rest of the cup and was considered a non-factor in the games.

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Still, Ronaldo is one of the most loved athlete all over Europe, nothing would make a better surprise gift than Cristiano Ronaldo posters. He is beloved by people of all ages and women just adore him even to this day. For the real football fan get a Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid poster that showcases the whole team. There are literally hundreds of different posters to choose from showing Ronaldo in action. Searching for Cristiano Ronaldo posters for sale online is a breeze and can easily be found in various search engines and are a popular item across Europe.