A crew neck is a sweatshirt or any other upper body cloth like a T-shirt that does not have collar. It only has a round or circular neckline. This type of clothing is usually worn with layers of other clothing such as jackets. Originally, this shirt was used to make T-shirts for American footballers. This was so that they could properly absorb sweat and avoid the protective shoulder pads from causing any injury to the shoulders when these players were on the field. Today, so many other designs have been developed by adding something from this simple design.

One of these designs is the cowl neck. The cowl neck incorporates other layers to the crew neck so that a shirt or a sweater can look more stylish and attractive. While the crew neck shirt is used mostly for men, the cowl neck is common to women. But one important thing to note is that they are both fashionable and can be used when one is going to so many different occasions. The ideal use of the crew neck shirt is as an undergarment.

women crew neck plain casual short sleeve black tshirt


Uses of Crew Neck Shirts

  • Going to a dance: They come in handy since they absorb any sweat that you will probably be having when you are dancing.
  • Business party: This shirt is ideal because it is fashionable and therefore appropriate for such occasion.
  • Sports: This type of shirt is ideal during vigorous sports activity because it is lightweight and absorbent.

There are crew neck sweaters and crew neck sweatshirts that you can wear in so many occasions. They always come out beautifully when they are worn right. That means that you should try as much as possible to match them with the other clothing. There are some pairing tips that you should take note of when you want your shirt to come out right.

Tips in Wearing Crew Neck Shirts

  • If the shirt you have is way longer than your chest, pair it with a matching spandex. This will ensure that you are comfortable.
  • Crew-necked tops need to be tight if you want it to come out right.
  • When using this shirt as an undergarment, always choose the color white.

simple plain white crew neck sweat shirt unisex

Pairing your crew neck right is very important and therefore you should not take it lightly. Consider the Illest crew neck shirts as they are a brand that boasts of being made form high quality materials. You can find these shirts from your nearest shops or you can even check out different Internet online shopping sites if you cannot be bothered from tedious shopping.