Durability, beauty, and longevity; three words that would encapsulate why copper roof is a great choice for your homes. Our early ancestors also used this metal not only to create weaponry but also to adorn their homes and furniture. Because of its malleability, coppers is also known for its many uses and ability to be designed in various styles and forms. At first thought, you would think that a copper-made roof is impractically expensive. But then again, in the long run, a roof made of copper is a good investment and is the wiser choice, since, it will be able to withstand the test of time throughout the years and still be able to prove itself functional.

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One downside of copper roof would be the copper roofing cost. Usually, it is not the initial choice of most homeowners when it comes to home roofing because it is pretty expensive. Since, copper is a non-renewable resource, a square foot of copper is priced at around $15, compared to that of asphalt, which will only cost around $1 per square/ft. However, amongst other materials like asphalt and slate, copper is considered as the best choice. Durable, lightweight, and resilient to high winds and fire, a roof made of copper is not only strong, but also lessens the possibility of hazards.

relatively high cost copper roof

When it comes to aesthetic appeal, a copper roof will not frustrate you. Coming in various forms, styles, and colors. There are 3 ways in which copper can be integrated into a houses’ roof. One method is to get a pre-measured, continuous copper covering for the roof. Second, copper can be used as a standing seam, wherein smaller panels of copper are formed. Third, copper can also be used as copper roof shingles. Aside from the its aesthetic beauty and versatility, it is also environmentally-friendly. Long-lasting and reusable, the roof can be sold and used again for other purposes.

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But amongst all these characteristics, the most outstanding feature of a copper roof is its longevity. It can last for years. However, the copper’s longevity is not only due to the copper roofing supplies, which were used for its production. The most important factor that contributes to how long a it can outlast time is dependent on how well it has been installed and how well it is taken cared of. Roof installation is not a task that anyone can do; one needs a wide base of know-how and has a rich experience, skill, and training when it comes to copper roof installation to be able to do it properly. Thus, it is advised that copper roof installation be given to professionals. When it comes to roof maintenance, it will be good to clean the roof, by brushing it occasionally with a solution that is made of lemon juice, vinegar, and salt.

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With all these characteristics and more, a copper roof is really an option worth considering.