Sometimes used for function and sometimes used for decoration, chimneys can be seen in most homes. Not only does it provide heat on cold nights, it also adds up to the visual appeal of the place. Nonetheless, these chimneys need maintenance and protection from the rain and wind entering the place and also to hinder ash and debris from going out of the place. And what else could do this better than copper chimney caps.

robust copper chimney caps

Chimney caps usually come in different colors, sizes, shapes, and styles. Back then, chimney caps are made of stone. Sometimes too, they come as custom copper chimney caps that are specifically made to fit your chimney’s dimensions. For some rich families, they even adorn it with embellishments, turning it into wonderful pieces of art. Nowadays though, typically, they are made of metal with copper in it. Built for stability, longevity, and affordability, these chimney caps are easy to maintain and will not drain your wallets dry. So, if you are looking for ways to accentuate your chimneys, then do so with copper chimney caps.

European copper chimney tops are more popular than those in America. This is because it was in Europe that the use of chimneys originated, thus it is typical to see every European home with a chimney on top. Aside from copper chimney tops, you also have the option of buying stainless steel ones. Unlike stainless steel chimney caps that tends to maintain its stainless color, chimney caps made of copper turn into a shade of green after some years. While others love how this adds character to it, there are also others who detest it.

Chimney tops functions do not only include keeping unwanted materials into the house. Also, copper chimney tops ensure that air flows out and not into the home. Moreover, it keeps insects and other pests out of the house. For some creatures, staying within the chimney during the winter days gives them the warmth they need. Also, without these chimney tops, snow, rain, and dust can gather in the chimney and eventually get inside your homes.

hard- wearing copper chimney caps
When it comes to maintaining your copper chimney caps, if you want to avoid it turning into a greenish color, then it is best to clean polish it annually to keep its shiny appearance. Also, it would be great to remove and collect the debris that might have gathered in it. Lastly, check your copper chimney tops annually if it has cracks or if the cap is loosened.