Ethernet cables refer to cables used to connect network devices like modems, routers and adapters and transmit data via the Ethernet protocol. All equipment that use Ethernet cable is referred to as wired equipment. The wireless equipment is that kind of equipment that uses radio waves rather than Ethernet cables.

Ethernet cable wiring comprises of 8 differently coloured wires. These wires are paired into 4 groups, and wiring of an Ethernet cable has to be done according to their standards for maximal performance. There are two basic kinds of Ethernet wiring and these are: solid Ethernet wiring, which is used for long length connections and braided stranded Ethernet wiring, which is used for short length connections

high speed ethernet cable

The Ethernet cable splitter is used whenever there is a wiring problem. They are handy especially when sharing one internet line with up to four computers. However, there have been issues with internet sharing with these physical connections if they are not installed properly. There is always a good chance that once the splitter is not working; all devices connected to it are down as well.

Wiring Tips

Wiring an Ethernet cable is not as difficult a task as many individuals tend to think today. It is simply a matter of precision as any wrong step could lead to a dysfunctional connection. The following are the basic procedure on Ethernet cable wiring;

  • Note that the straight through is the most encouraged and functional standard of wiring the eight coloured coded wires.
  • The RJ45 plugs come in different styles; therefore, it is also important for one to ensure that they have the most appropriate plug.
  • Measure the length of Ethernet cable you want to make, then extend its length by a just a little to give yourself working space.
  • Cut cable on one end.
  • Strip about two inches of plastic covering from one end.
  • Align each of the coded wired accordingly then insert them into the jack using a push down tool.
  • This process is repeated for the second RJ45 jack.

An RJ45 coupler is used in the connection of two RJ45 cables in case the unit is away from the wall jack. It comes in handy especially for the long lengths connection but has a tendency to disrupt or decrease the performance of the connection.

long lasting powerful ethernet cables

The gigabit Ethernet cable is a combination of various technologies for transmitting Ethernet frames at a very fast rate. In the transfer of data using an Ethernet cable, there are various types of communication systems. These include:

  • Full duplex– here data travels both ways at an instance
  • Half duplex -here, data is only allowed to travel one way at an instant
  • Auto negotiation – network devices are responsible for determining whether an Ethernet cable is full duplex or not.

It is, therefore, possible to do Ethernet cable connections on your own and there use has been applied in various organizations and institutions. It is not rocket science, it’s just a matter of following instructions and you can enjoy its benefits.