Welding is one of the lucrative activities one can indulge in as a part time or full time money earning activity. However, in order to derive maximum benefits, one has to follow some basic welding safety tips so as to avoid injury or accidents that may occur during the welding activity. They are very easy to follow and effective in preventing injuries and damage to property.

wear a welding helmet at all times

How To Stay Safe When Welding

1.)  Wear A Welding Helmet At All Times

This is one of the basic welding safety tips that is very important in protecting the person involved in the welding activity. Sparks that are generated during the welding activity can cause damage to the eyes leading to loss of sight, if the welding activities are done without wearing a welding helmet for substantially a long time. However, the helmet should be worn at all times no matter the amount of welding activity to be carried out.

2.) Wear Protective Body Gear

Welding can lead to damage to  clothes due to the sparks generated from the activity. To avoid this, one should always the various protective gears available such as fire resistant aprons preferably those made from leather. This welding safety tips helps to protect one from accidents such as spillage of molten metal or radiated heat. Protective body gear made from leather is the best since they are very effective in protecting the person involved in the welding activity. They are also very durable as compared to other material used to make the same type of protective clothing.

It is of paramount importance to button the apron since the sparks produced during the welding may get into the pocket or get in contact with the body leading to burns. One should also ensure that they wear caps or other shoulder covers when carrying out overhead welding. Most of the quality caps are made from leather and can be worn comfortably under the helmet. Other protective outfits include high boots that are fire resistant.

traditional welding gears and equipments

3.)  Always Ensure That There Is Adequate Flow Of Air In The Workshop

One of the gases used in welding is Argon. This is an inert gas that is heavier than the atmospheric air hence it can eliminate oxygen from an area. Hence this welding safety tip for proper ventilation of areas that the welding activity is carried out so as to prevent accumulation of this inert gas. One can increase the number of open spaces such as by installing more windows in the building.

Other general welding safety tips include:

  • Unauthorized persons should not be allowed to use the various welding equipment in the workshop without the guidance of professional.
  • All flammable materials should be kept away from the welding areas to avoid occurrence of fire accidents.
  • It is also important to inform a person nearby to wear protective gear before starting the welding activity.
  • Remove all body accessories and other materials that may be damaged in one way or another by the welding activity.

These welding safety tips have to be followed to avoid accidents and other negative occurrences in the workshop that may occur.