Wallets and purses, both are extremely popular and in demand. There are so many varieties that it sometimes get difficult to choose between the two. This is why comparing wallets vs purses is a big battle where both are neck to neck in competition. It all boils down to personal choice though and it also depends on the occasion you are using them for. There are many factors that determine which one you should choose. However, choosing according to your comfort level is better. Here is some information about each so that you weigh both of them and decide the better counterpart in wallets vs Purses.

Optimum Juicy Couture Wallets


  • These are small and light-weight.
  • They are easy to carry and are amazing to look at.
  • Great quality ones such as Juicy Couture wallets come in many different designs.
  • Smaller wallets can be slipped into the pockets.
  • They are safe and can hold credit cards and money securely.
  • They are compact and very useful at the same time.

On the downside are the following points for wallets:

  • They have limited space and can’t accommodate many things.
  • They are not practical to take to places that require you to carry papers and other things.
  • Their variety is limited in comparison to purses.
  • They always need to be held and this is a huge problem for many. You can’t leave your hands free and thus carrying them to a party can be uncomfortable.
  • They have a lot of space to accommodate your essentials right from your money to your make-up and your paperwork.
  • They come in a very wide variety of designs, types, patterns and shapes and choosing a unique one is easy.
  • They are easy to carry and let your hands stay free because you can simply dangle them on your shoulder.
  • They are safe and can’t be easily stolen.


The cons of purses are:

  • It is very irritating for some people to have something dangling from their shoulders.
  • They are large and many can be uncomfortable carrying them.
  • If your purse has no smaller pockets, you will struggle a lot trying to find it when you need it.

Cute and Stylish Juicy Couture Wallets

These will give you an idea about wallets vs purses. However, as aforementioned it depends on your comfort. If you are going to the office, you could use a purse to carry the papers. If you are at a party, a wallet would be great. A stylish purse to go with your dress would also be a great choice. Regardless of who wins in debating about wallets vs purses, the best solution is to have both options ready anytime. By then it would only be a matter of choosing what’s more appropriate for your attire.