Most of you surely thought that sunblock and sunscreen mean the same. There are surely many who still think that the two words are synonymous and have no difference at all. That is actually a wrong notion. Sunscreen and sunblock are two different products, each of them having its own advantages. You know that the sun’s radiations can be very harmful and can lead to anything from a sun burn to skin cancer. The real question that arises thus is sunscreen vs sunblock. Unless you know the difference between both, you will not know which one to prefer when it comes to sunscreen vs sunblock. To give you some idea, here are some information you can use in comparing sunscreen vs sunblock.

Know All About The Difference of Sunscreen Vs Sunblock

Essentials In Comparing Sunscreen Vs Sunblock


  • Science behind Sun’s rays: The sun’s ultraviolet radiations are harmful. These radiations are basically divided into two different types – UVA and UVB. The differentiation is made based on the wavelengths. UVA has longer wavelength while the latter has shorter wavelength. Overexposure to either or both can lead to a number of problems. UVA is more harmful because it has the ability to penetrate your skin and cause internal skin cancer. UVB on the other hand causes sunburns and external skin cancer. This doesn’t penetrate the skin but that doesn’t stop it from being harmful. UVA is responsible for tanning. The tan produced is a result of the skin’s attempt to protect itself from the rays. UVA is more common. UVA makes up 95% of the total UV rays.


  • Sunscreen vs sunblock: While sunblock contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide that work to reflect sun’s rays, sunscreen works to form a layer of protection on your skin to absorb radiations, preventing penetration. Sunblock works to scatter and protect from UVB radiations and is hopeless against UVA. Sunscreen on the other hand protects from UVA. If you want protection from the both the radiations though, you should look for a broad spectrum lotion. This lotion will have properties to protect you from both the radiations and give you complete protection. You will find products that say they provide broad UVA protection. This does not guarantee protection from UVB and thus you should look for ‘Broad Spectrum’ only. When it comes to sunscreen vs sunblock, neither will give you a complete protection you require solely. You need a combination for sure.


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If you have a baby, you have to be even more careful because sun’s radiations can have drastic effects on their skin. Choose California baby sunscreen for complete protection. Hence, getting protection from the sun’s UV rays is a must today now that the ozone layer is thinning. Read reviews regarding sunscreen vs sunblock and determine what you really need or simply stay away from the heating sun.