In order for you to ensure that your vehicle is fully functional at all times, you should always check and solve all its common suspension problems. Diagnosing and solving these problems is very easy, as long as you are determined. The following is a list of the most common suspension problems that cars experience and how to repair them.

Spring Fatigue

Spring fatigue is one of the most common car suspension problems that can cause extensive damage to your vehicle. Here are some key points about this.

  • Whenever you notice that the height of your vehicle has reduced or if your vehicle tends to be leaning on the axles, then you need to check on the suspension springs.
  • Old and worn out springs are not only capable of interfering with the height of your vehicle but they can also misalign the wheels.
  • If you do not have any mechanical experience, do not try to fix this problem alone. Seek for professional help from your nearest garage.

bushing-common suspension problem

Suspension Bushings

Suspension bushings can also be the source of the common suspension problems. The suspension system of a vehicle has rubber bushings that are located inside the control arms. These rubber bushings keep the axle housing or steering knuckle in position as the wheel moves. When these rubber bushings wear out, unusual tire wear or other steering problems might occur. Here are the things you need to do to solve these problems.

  • You can check if a rubber bushing is worn out or damaged by pushing the control arm slowly to see if it is going against its usual/normal motion.
  • After you have ensured that the rubber bushings are worn out, it is very advisable for you to have them replaced by your mechanics.

Worn Out Ball Joints

Worn out ball joints are some of the most common suspension problems that can prevent you from driving your car comfortably. They cause very unusual popping or clunking noise when you are going over bumps or when you are turning. Ball joints can be worn out because of the following:

  • Result of over usage
  • Lack of proper lubrication

The best way to repair worn out ball joints is through immediate replacement.

heat damaged shock absorber

Damaged Shock Absorbers

Damaged shock absorbers are also included in the common suspension problems that you must never overlook if you want your vehicle to have a long life. Here are some tips on how to check damaged shock absorbers.

  • You can easily tell if the shock absorbers of your vehicle are worn out by the way it moves on rough roads.
  • Another way through which you can check if the shock absorbers are damaged is by pushing down a corner of your vehicle and then releasing it. Count the number of bounces that result from the release. A good shock absorber should bounce twice or thrice.

In order for you to rectify the problem of damaged shock absorbers, you should simply have them replaced. Some of the best shock absorbers that you can ever provide your vehicle with are the Tokico Shocks. These shocks are not only strong and stable but they also have improved braking ability.

Solving all the different types of common suspension problems enables you vehicle to be as good as new. The best thing that you need to do is to repair the damages as soon as they arise.