Percussion instruments refer to a group of musical tools that involve the use of a beater. These common percussion instruments produce sound by being struck or scraped by an associated instrument. These instruments refer to the oldest musical instruments in the industry. Most people consider drums as the only percussion instruments available today. However, there are many more instruments fall under this particular category.

There are different instruments like cymbal, xylophone, marimba, tambourine, wood block, which are considered as common percussion instruments. Usually, these instruments have vibrating membranes that propagate resonance. The instruments that have metallic membrane can produce high pitch sound. The music artists play the instruments by striking these membranes either with hands or beaters. Here, you’ll find about the most popular instruments being used by the artists playing in the leading musical bands.

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Top Percussion Instruments Used By Bands Today

  • #1 Bass Drum
    Bass drum is probably the most popular instrument under this category. The drums are also used in most bands around the world. The best thing about these drums is both orchestras and marching bands invariably use these. Products like Steven Slate drums are among the top sellers in the leading online marketplaces today.
  • #2 Cymbals
    Cymbals produce sound by strapping and brushing against each other. The player makes the straps clash together. He holds the instrument horizontally or vertically. However, the sound produced by the musical instrument is either loud or soft. The pitch of the sound may also vary within a wide range.
  • #3 Glockenspiel
    Glockenspiel is not listed among common percussion instruments, but, this is very popular in certain regions of the world. The musician uses two beaters to strike the tuned tubes or bars. Beaters are also made up of metals, rubbers, or woods.
  • #4 Maracas
    For many music enthusiasts, Maracas is one of the common percussion instruments. However, playing these instruments is very easy. With the minimal sense required about rhythm and music scale, anyone can play these. What the player does is he uses his timing sense with a harmonic combination of shaking and tempo.
  • #5 Gong
    Gong, being one of the common percussion instruments in North America, became extremely popular for its presence in Chuck Burris’s show on NBC. The TV show became extremely popular that namely made the instruments known to mass people as well. You may have remembered already, the show was called “The Gong Show”.
  • #6 Xylophones
    Xylophones are also considered as common percussion instruments in most parts around the world. You can encourage the children to start with these instruments. These instruments are fun to play with and the sound produced is pleasant and gratifying. You can find the toy xylophones available in the market. These colorful toys can easily attract the growing children. Usually, these instruments are made of bamboo or other hardwoods.
  • #7 Metallophone
    Metallophones resemble to xylophones to some extent, but these two instruments differ because of the tuned bars made of metal. The instrument has metal made mallet, hence, these are called metallophones. Gamelan orchestras in Indonesia frequently use different types of metallophones.

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There are numerous other types of percussion musical instruments. Some of these are common and available in most parts of the world, whereas many others are not seen so frequently, but still inherit different musical traditions since the beginning of musical history and evolution.