Nowadays, there are numerous materials that can be utilized in making cheap body jewelry. Such raw materials can be metal, plastic, glass, or organics and can come in different qualities and grades. But before you purchase a material for making your own cheap body piercing jewelry, it is imperative for you to consider health and safety beforehand. Some substances are more favorable when healing a new body piercing while others are more suitable for old piercings or wearing for a short period of time.

All materials are not alike; therefore, you should familiarize yourself well with the possible options on materials for making cheap body jewelry. Below is a list of the metallic elements used for piercing.

vintage earrings italy gold plated delicate hoop

Metal Options

How your skin reacts to the metal is determined by the nickel content of the metal. Nickel is an element that decelerates healing and causes hypersensitivity when used as piercing jewelry. When it comes to metals, the lower the quality, the higher are the risk when you use them as jewelries.

  • Costume Piercing JewelrySome people wear costume piercing jewelry for short term and usually, they can get this body jewelry cheap. But because most pieces have high nickel content and sometimes lead, this jewelry is not recommended for people who have sensitive skin.
  • Sterling SilverAs most people know, sterling silver is an alloy metal consisting of only 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% of other metallic element, usually copper. Pure silver is too soft for making cheap body jewelry and mixing it with copper retains its silvery color while increasing its strength. However, metals like copper can cause irritation and tarnish faster when exposed to sweat and moisture. If you are making cheap body jewelry plugs for short-term use and old ear piercings, then sterling silver is preferable.
  • GoldJust like silver, gold can also be too soft and can provide room for bacteria to multiply. High grades of gold such as 24K contains less nickel, however, they are softer and can cause higher risks when worn on new piercings. For old piercings and people who are not sensitive to gold jewelry, this material is the best option.
  • Surgical Stainless SteelAmong the various stainless steel grades, only the 316LVM and 316L are recommended in making cheap body jewelry. 316L is the most common metal used in body piercing jewelry, particularly in making cheap gauges. 316LVM is almost the same with 316L, although it has more advantages as it has been melted in a vacuum, causing less risk of irritation to the wearer.

surgical stainless steel rings with steel bob wire

Find a reliable source that has their metal materials inspected before selling them to customers. Beware of imitators out there who offer too low prices, as they are not worthy of the skin infection you are most likely to get. Remember that a good quality material can make good cheap body jewelry.