Color depositing shampoo is just one of many examples of the amazing strides that have been made in the hair care market over the past several decades. Products such as ARTec color depositing shampoo are formulated with pigments that are absorbed by hair cuticles for a quick and easy coloring option, or for a simple shade touch up. Color depositing shampoo can be used in a variety of different ways. First, it can be used as a basic toner or simple color additive. Many stylists also recommend that it be used following a professional coloring in order to keep the color looking uniform and lush. There are dozens of different colors to choose from, whether it be color depositing shampoo red, black, brown, or blonde.

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How Color Depositing Shampoo Can Add Life to Your Hair


  • Perhaps the most beneficial way to use products such as Loreal color depositing shampoo is as a supplement to professional colorings. These kinds of shampoos are excellent at keeping your coloring fresh and new. Obviously, hair coloring and dyes can wash out gradually over time. Color depositing shampoo works to add subtle shades to the hair, particularly at the roots, keeping your color full and vivid for a much longer period of time.
  • Aside from providing benefits to professionally colored hair, color depositing shampoo may even be used as a touch up to natural hair colors. These products deposit pigments into the hair cuticles and can therefore freshen up your natural coloring.


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  • Most hair coloring shampoo products not only deposit pigments, they also contain conditioning elements. The conditioning ability of hair coloring shampoos can keep hair luscious and healthy during the course of colorings. Chemical hair colorings have the potential to wear down the strength or quality of hair over time, and conditioners in hair coloring shampoo can restore the life and vitality to damaged hair. This additive also ensures that your color maintains its glow and luster longer.


Buying and Using Color Depositing Shampoo

Color depositing shampoo products can be bought in salons, and there are also a wide variety of brands which can be bought at most drug stores. Although the retail products may be more affordable, salon shampoo products are always best in terms of results. When trying to decide on the right brand and shade of hair coloring shampoo, consult your stylist. He or she will be able to provide the best feedback on which type is best for your hair and your particular color.

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Regardless of whether or not you get your hair colored regularly at a salon, color depositing shampoo can do wonders for the shade and tone of your hair. Professional coloring is supplemented extremely well, and natural hair colors can be amplified and accented with these types of shampoos.

For the best results, always be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Most will advise that color depositing shampoo be used on clean hair. Simply wash your hair with a normal shampoo before applying the color depositing product. This ensures that your hair and cuticles are in the best shape possible to absorb the pigments.

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If you are in search of a simple and affordable way to supplement your hair color, color depositing shampoo is certainly an option to consider.  For more brands you may also check on Suave shampoo online.