Send your favorite college graduate off to his first job in the real world with the best gifts for college students. The college graduation gift ideas that will be right for your brother, daughter or best friend will reflect their interests and hopes for the future. Most gifts can be personalized, from M&Ms to luggage. Before you place the order for the gift, find out if you can have it engraved or embroidered. Even leather gifts, like tote bags, can be personalized with the graduate’s name.

best college graduation gift ideas

First Job Necessities

If the recent college graduate is starting his first job soon, the best college graduation gift ideas will be ones they can use in the office. A messenger bag or briefcase is an everyday must-have for the working guy or girl. Leather portfolios and a laptop bag or sleeve are also practical college graduation gift ideas. No desk is complete without a paperweight, coffee mug and desk games to pass the time. A personalized pen gift set or a space pen that can write upside down will be appreciated as well.

best college graduation gift ideas for men

Travel Gifts

College graduates, who have to relocate for their new job, travel often for a sales position or who simply want to explore the rest of the world before settling down in a career will love travel gifts. Of course, the ultimate gift you could get a college graduate is a new car, but if this is out of your budget, there are tons of other cost-conscious options. College graduation gift ideas for newbie employees who will have to spend a lot of time on the road include a car charger for all of their gadgets, an insulated travel mug or an embroidered garment bag. Noise canceling headphones are perfect for frequent flyers. Grads who are relocating to a brand new area will appreciate a city tour to help them get accustomed to their new surroundings. World travelers will get plenty of use out of a world map, globe or city maps of their destinations.

best graduation gift ideas college graduates

Experience Gifts

Some of the most exciting college graduation gift ideas offer new experiences and make memories. College students who have buried their nose in textbooks for the past four years will love to let loose with a helicopter ride, whitewater rafting trip, mountain biking experience or hang gliding. There are websites where you can purchase gift certificates for everything from adventure trips, like driving a race car, to spa treatments. You can also purchase a photography safari, pottery class, wine tasting, beer tour or golf lessons for the grad. Adventure-seekers will love a rock climbing package or pilot lessons.

best college graduation gift ideas for daughter

Additional Gift Ideas

Additional graduation gift ideas college graduates will love include a diploma frame, a shadow box filled with college mementos or a gift for a new apartment, like a cookbook. Books that offer life strategies, business etiquette, money saving tips or guidance for a new job are helpful gifts, too. College graduation gift ideas for daughter include a charm bracelet, high-end watch, or a classic piece of jewelry, like diamond earrings or pearls. College graduation gift ideas for men include a tie hanger or money clip.