The clumping bamboo and other similar species is a kind of plant that is popular around the world because of its usefulness and rapid growth. The plant is well known in Asian culture and its different parts are used for a variety of purpose such as furniture, food and medicine. The cold hardy clumping bamboo grows well in both indoor and outdoor environments. Because of its rapid growth, the plant is an excellent natural screen that can be used to ensure privacy. In addition, bamboos add an ethereal and natural beauty to your property, with an extra touch of elegance.

awesome scene with clumping bamboos

Classifications of Bamboo

There are a couple of broad classifications for bamboo plants. These include:

  • Clumping Bamboo – This type of bamboo is less extensive and grows closely. When the roots come in contact with an obstruction, the plant tends to halt its growth and force itself through the obstruction. This is the reason why clumping bamboos do not have similar growth widths.
  • Running Bamboo – This kind of bamboo grows very aggressively. The roots are wide and deep, and if there is an obstruction in the growth path, they bend around and grow in a different direction. Running bamboos can even spread to neighboring properties and cause some issues with your neighbors. Since the growth and pace of running bamboos cannot be controlled, they are more suitable for planting in open spaces.

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Considerations in Growing Bamboos

If you are going to grow a running bamboo, you need to contain its growth. The hole where you are going to plant it must be dug deep and wide, and you need to cover it with polythene, steel or concrete. In addition, you also have to cover the ground surface with the same materials unless you want them growing above ground unrestricted. The fast growing clumping bamboo on the other hand does not require such necessities. If the clumping bamboo starts spreading in a direction you do not want, you can simply trim the shoots. This is enough to prevent a clumping black bamboo and other similar varieties from growing unhindered.

paradise- like bamboo clumps

In general, the clumping bamboo is considered to be smaller than the running bamboo since the varieties that can be found in the US have diameters of less than 2 ½ inches. However, this is a misconception because the largest bamboos on Earth are classified under clumping bamboos. Such varieties though can only be found in tropical and sub-tropical countries.


Aside from its usefulness in gardens, the clumping bamboo is also grown for various products that are also made from running bamboo. Bamboos also account for most of the world’s paper pulp production. The present world production is mainly done in the country of India.

golden bamboo clumping plant

Almost all bamboos originated from Asia but there are two varieties that are native to North America. One of these is Arundinaria gigantea, which is popularly known as switchcane or canebreaks. This type of bamboo once covered wide areas in the United States ranging from Florida to Virginia and Texas.

Growing a clumping bamboo gives fewer hassles. For more information on growing them, take a look into gardening and horticulture websites that offer specific details.