Cleveland golf wedges are among the items on the short list of golfers for over twenty years. Golf wedges are the scoring clubs among the various irons in a golf bag. Ensuring that you have the right ones for your specific type of golf swing will create a great impact on the way you build up your score on the golf course. If you are going to ask professional golfers, you will be told that half of all golf shots falls within 100 yards from the pin. This area is known as the scoring zone, and hitting with excellent wedges can make the difference in your golf shots. Many golfers have a tendency to get their wedges off the rack, without thinking of customized features that will fit their particular styles. This is not the right way of buying these essential golf clubs.

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Cleveland golf clubs have been manufactured and sold since 1979. The company started off with creating replicas of classic golf clubs. Through the years, the company became more popular because of the durability and accuracy of their golf clubs and at present, Cleveland Golf is home to the best and most innovative wedge in the sport, which is the Cleveland golf wedges. Even as an amateur, a golf player knows that a key to winning in the sport is a wedge shot that falls right on the target. The reason is that seventy percent of golf shots are made within 120 yards from the pin or less, making the Cleveland wedge indispensable for “short games”.

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There are several kinds of Cleveland golf wedges. These are the lob wedge, the pitching wedge, the sand wedge and the gap wedge. There is also the lofted wedge that is used for making the golf ball fly higher. This is essential when you have to hit at the base of a hill that has a very steep incline. The composition of the Cleveland golf wedge is really perceptive. It affects how the golfer plays the game like no other wedges around. A couple of the more popular wedges made by Cleveland golf are:

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588 Series Cleveland Wedges

Considered as a standard for golf wedges, this wedge has higher toe profile and a large clubface area. These features allow fast stopping lofty shots to be hit easily into the green. There are many other manufacturers that have tried copying the 588 Series but none was successful. Some players even maintain that the wedges are the most superior of them all when it comes to playability. The wedges have been proven in open championships and many PGA Tour golfers prefer Cleveland golf wedges to novel wedge designs for making perfect wedge shots.

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CG11 Cleveland Wedges

This is actually the improved version of the Cleveland CG10. It retained the soft feel of the CG10 but with better lie angle, which helps in landing the ball squarely into the square of the clubface.

There are Cleveland golf clubs for sale that can be found online so the next time you find your short game wanting, look for Cleveland golf wedges.