Today, vintage earrings are specialty items that you will find in the costume jewelry market. With the vast amount of jewelry that is available in costume designs, many collectors are now specializing in certain brands or types and the vintage earrings fall in this category. If you are interested in collecting antique/vintage jewelry, you can find out more about these earrings below.

Vintage jewelry pieces are regarded as rare collectible items, which dates backs to the 1900s. Nowadays, antique or vintage is mostly used when describing jewelry styles instead of the antique component. You can find many genres of jewelry designs to choose from.

Popular Designs for Vintage Earringselegant vintage earrings

  • Edwardian

  • Victorian

  • Retro

  • Filigree

  • Georgian

  • Art Deco

  • Art Nouveau

  • Arts and Crafts

Choosing vintage jewelry will allow you to add a touch of romance and fashionable pieces to your wardrobe. To select the right jewelry for your vintage collection, it’s best to do a bit of research before shopping.

vintage clip on earrings with rhinestone

Tips to Shop for Vintage Earrings

Apart from doing research to find the right jewelry, you also need to know how to spot the fake pieces on the market. Some of the knock off vintage jewelry looks really good and could even fool a knowledgeable collector. So, it’s always a good idea to do your research and ensure that you are only buying from trusted dealers.

  • You can find three different types of earrings, the post, clip on and screw back. Each type has unique value and distinctions based on the demand. During the 1920s, pierced ears had been popular but this changed in the 1930s when the vintage clip on earrings and vintage screw back earrings became a trend as most women were wearing them to make fashion statements.

  • The antique gold earrings from the 1900s are also sought after pieces especially the ones in rose-colored gold. You can find beautiful rose gold earrings with unique designs in the center and around the edges that you can wear on informal and formal occasions, whether day or night.

  • Stone materials are also popular in costume earrings. You can opt for mother of pearl, colored rhinestones, glass, Lucite and diamonds in many different sizes, shapes and colors. The vintage diamond earrings are available in silver and gold settings.

  • If you are looking chandelier earrings, you should check out the art deco designs, which include well-defined geometric shapes. The modern jewelry pieces include motifs like airplanes and cars. But, you can definitely find some gorgeous vintage chandelier earrings with art deco designs.

When you are ready to buy vintage jewelry, you can find them in many places both online and offline. The second-hand stores, flea markets and yard sales are some of the best places to find antique jewelry. There also many online auction sites and jewelry stores which specializes in vintage earrings and matching pieces like necklaces, rings and brooches.