Class rings are the types of rings that remind the year you graduated either from High School or college. There is a variety of designs that are mostly decided on individually or per class.

The Importance of class rings

Class rings helps you get identified with which class you went with as well as when you graduated. You may decide to go with unique class rings or ordinary ones. If you want a unique class ring, you should visit a class ring designer so that you can explain to them the exact type of ring design you require. College class rings are usually more popular than high school rings, being that, it is the last phase of a person’s educational life; that and the fact that college kids are more likely to spend on rings than High School kids.

stylish class rings

You can also go for a spoon ring. These types of rings are very popular and easy to design and mostly sold by craft vendors.

If you are a type of person who requires uniqueness in everything you wear, you need not worry on how you will achieve this as you can design your own class ring following some of the tips below:

  • Search online/jewelry stores/jewelry magazines for ideas on your custom ring designs.

  • Choose a unique metal for your ring. This will depend on whether you will be wearing your class ring on a daily basis or once in a while. Gold and silver are the most popular choices.

classy class ring designer

  • Decide on what symbol you would want your class rings to have. This might be academic or sports symbol. Get it stamped with your graduation year. If you have a sketch of what you require it can be of great help.

  • Then, find yourself a good ring designer that will make your class ring just as you want it.

Class rings are available in many designs and they come in variations for men and women. Girls’ designs include: Generic girls fashion class ring and Keystones collections, which can be personalized. For men, the top-rated class ring is Keystone guy’s USA class ring, personalized Apollo military ring, oval class ring, square class ring and crest class rings.