Fire extinguishers are a must for a safe household. If you have a red fire extinguisher currently, it’s probably hiding away because of its bright red coloring that just doesn’t fit with the room.  That’s why Chrome fire extinguishers come in handy. Due to their shiny metallic coloring they are attractive enough to hang on the wall where you can grab it in case of an emergency. These are also great to hide in plain sight if wanted it to stay hidden. It is a lot easier to hide than a bright red one for sure. One disadvantage however, is it might be too hidden, for while red stands out, you might just lose your chrome fire extinguisher with your gray wall.

chrome fire extinguisher with stand

Chrome fire extinguishers are not only for the household, but for cars as well. The sparkling silver coloring would make it easy to hide in plain sight and easily stop an emergency when needed. It also helps to have a Chrome fire extinguisher in your car so you may have a fire extinguisher wherever you need one! Say, for example, you go to the beach with your family for a picnic and you leave the grill alone while you head to the bathroom. You get distracted on the way there, and when you get back the grill is on fire! All you have to do is go back to your car, grab your chrome fire extinguisher for car, and put out the flames. Easy right?

chrome fire extinguisher suited for cars

If you are looking for a place to get a nice chrome fire extinguisher, you should look at those made by the Amerex Company. The Amerex Corporation  is a partner of McWane Incorporated and has been a great show of a company that provides quality and originative firefighting product company for more than 30 years. This company is and has been known worldwide as a chief in the industry of hand portable and wheeled fire extinguishers. They have been doing there best to insure high quality products made especially for your safety. Chrome Amerex fire extinguishers are a great buy but are not the only place to get nice color chrome fire extinguishers.

Getting a chrome color fire extinguisher for your modern condo can be a great thing to do. Display it and let your visitors and guests awe in amazement at your fashionable safety product. Being safe has never looked so good!