Picture framing and glazing are an innovative way of protecting extravagant original paintings and sentimental memories of photographs. It is also easier to hang a photo on a picture rail if the photo is framed, basically making the framed photos a stylish decorative piece. This however could become very expensive depending on the framing supplies used and the chosen glazing. When professionals glaze a picture frame, it simply means covering the photo with a panel protection. There are 2 types of picture framing supplies used when glazing, and these are the framing glass and acrylic. Some of the most durable paintings though do not need to be glazed.

modern wood frame with glass supply

Differences Between Glass and Acrylic in Glazing

  • Framing Glass:

Glass, amongst other framing supplies, is the panelling used in this type of glazing. It is effectively scratch resistant and does not need any protective film on top of it thus protecting and maintaining the classy and clean look of the frame. Glass is also very easy to clean because there are many available glass cleaners in the market. This type of glazing may be affordable but may also be an impractical choice if you plan to hang the framed pictures in a children’s room. Since glass is very heavy, there is a big chance that it may fall off the wall knowing how active kids are. This type of glazing is also not applicable to oil paintings because the shards of a broken glass can permanently damage the oil painting. Another downside of this glazing is that it reflects light thus it takes off the dramatic beauty of a painting.

  • Acrylic Sheets:

Acrylic is a hard, transparent thermoplastic available in the market. Acrylic sheets are used as an alternative to glass when glazing. These are lightweight and expensive choice in framing photographs. These sheets are very clear and considered as optically pure, making it seem invisible to the naked eye. These framing supplies are shatterresistant and very durable thus making it safe when shipping your favorite artwork. One disadvantage of this type of glazing is that it is easily scratched compared to glass, hence the need for protective films on top of these sheets.

Other Picture Framing Supplies

  • Adhesive Tapes
  • Gallery System
  • V Nailer
  • Mouldings
  • Stretcher Bars
  • Hangers
  • Mat Board

essential photo framing mat board supplies

Picture framing supplies are available in all art supplies store located in your town. These framing supplies are popular that you do not need to worry of having a hard time finding them. If you plan to make your own custom made frames, consider watching DIY tutorial videos first so you will have an idea on the basic principles of making a picture frame. When you get the hang of it, you can then gradually try different shapes and complicated designs.

Alternatively, there are many online stores which offer photo framing supplies. They give you a variety of choices and suggestions as to what brand and materials you need in framing your pictures. These are costly because you still need to shoulder the shipping fees. To save a lot of money, think about ordering in bulk to any wholesale framing supplies stores.